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Why To Use Sketching Images Than Original Pictures?

With the evolution of technology, technology has become an essential part of our life. While, there have been quite a few outstanding inventions, one that is worth mentioning is the social media. Social media has made life easier for us. We can connect to anyone, anytime. Be it our favourite teacher from primary school or the recently acquainted neighbor down the road. Everyone is just a click away. Keeping up with friends has never been easier. But then, over the years, various risks have also crept in. One of the most prominent ones that have been noted and accepted widely is the risk associated with using your image on social media and online platforms.

Booming with the various online trends uploading pics from multiple occasions, for different events have become the trend for quite some time now. One of the significant places of personal picture upload is the profile picture of various online social media platforms. With almost everyone having a smartphone and a social media account these days, personal photos are not so personal anymore.

With the help of an example, a striking adversity of sharing pictures online can be explained. Recently one of the news in a leading newspaper of the nation disclosed how the name of a lady was tarnished by the help of her pictures available online and then editing them with the simplest online tools. The visuals were so disturbing to a lady’s reputation that she was pushed into severe depression and mental stress. This was not a standalone event of its type. Similar stories have been recorded time and again over the years, each having left its share of bitterness onto the society.

However, even having known the demerits of putting up your pictures online, it can be challenging to keep your photos out of the internet. Keeping up with the social media generation can be a real tough deal and without putting up pictures? The deal gets even more stringent. Well, there is a way out, though! Sketching apps.

Over the years, many apps have developed, which provides a sketch image of precisely what is served to them. Its an online software that can convert any picture of any colour density or any type into a simple sketch that would steal your attention instantly. How are these safe? Well, the reasons are far too many and way to simple to understand.

Firstly, since you are not putting up your snaps directly, there is no way your pictures can be edited out. Secondly, if god forbid someone goes on to get back the image as it was before being sketched, then there are high chances it would end up being someone way similar to you, but not you. And last but not least, you glam the social media with your pics but stay safe from the possible problems.

Well, you would now be sure about using the pencil sketch apps from the next time you decide to put your pics online. Wait! There is significant adversity involved too! What if your pics get leaked from the sketching apps that you use? Well, this certainly is one of those possibilities that cannot wholly be left off.

The chances of the same do exist. However, various paid applications promise you not to store any picture of yours. These apps generally do not save your photos permanently anywhere. These apps usually are paid and charge you for the service that they provide. While in the first place, you may think about using a paid app for something that you have been doing for free all these days, you should always remember that its still better than the harassment that people do go through.

All in all, social media is the need of the hour. Flaunting your new dress or your exquisite vacation is undoubtedly an urge that is hard to resist. But then, its equally important that we are safe, and we keep ourselves safe. Sketch apps are possibly the best answer to all these problems. It makes life more comfortable without changing much of your habits or ways. Probably sketch apps are here to stay for long more than we think