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What Is Internet Security?

Internet security is the branch of computer security which is related to the Internet. Browser security, network security, and operating system security are some of the things which broadly fall under Internet Security. With the help of Internet security, a certain set of rules and measures are established which will protect against the malicious activities and attacks spread wide across the Internet. A lot of people use the Internet and store important information on several different websites across the Internet. If there isn’t better internet security then the sensitive information can easily get exposed to hackers which can lead to your huge loss. With poor internet security, there is a huge risk of fraud and phishing attacks. There are different methods which are used for providing better Internet security and one of the most widely used methods is data encryption.

Internet Security Issues

If we talk about Internet security Issues a lot of people will classify it as malware. By injecting the malware in your computer hackers are able to take control over your computer and perform their desired tasks.

There are different kinds of malware which can affect your computer and we have shared some of these below.

  • Keylogging software’s – With the help of keylogging software all the keystrokes which you make on your computer are directly sent to the hacker which planted the keylogger on your computer. All your sensitive information will be revealed.
  • Zombie Programs – With the help of zombie programs, spam emails are sent from your computer making your e-mail id as the sender’s email address.
  • Spyware – Spyware programs will collect all the information about the websites which you are visiting for advertising purposes.

Trojan Horses

If you downloaded any infected file by mistake, let’s say a torrent you might also download a Trojan horse on your computer. With the help of Trojan horse hackers can easily plant the malware on your computer. Trojan horses are generally hidden in any other program which you are willing to install on your computer.

In order to protect yourself from Trojan horses you can follow these steps:-

  • Make sure your computer is having a good anti-virus program. Along with that, it is very important that you are having a secured firewall because if you are having a good firewall installed on your computer all the malicious attacks on your computer will automatically get blocked.
  • One should never click pop-ups as Trojan horses are hidden in pop-ups. If you are clicking on a pop-up a software might automatically get installed on your computer which might be a malware sent by the attacker.
  • Always read properly the terms and conditions and privacy policy before you click on I Agree. You never know that if the website has written that they will reveal your personal information to third parties.

There are a lot of antivirus programs, internet security programs and firewalls available which help in coping the issue of Internet security. You can also install the all in one security programs which will not only protect your web browsing experience but also attacks and viruses on your computer.

If your kids are surfing on the internet you can install some parental control program so that you can keep a track of their daily activities on the internet and keep them safe from the dark side of the Internet.