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Ways Augmented Reality Empowering the Workforce

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies came into existence a few years ago through the entertainment and gaming industries. But today, it has entered into the enterprise and workforce management and is having the biggest impact. According to a report, the global augmented reality market is going to grow almost double by 2020 and Augmented Reality is going to become an important workplace tool.

Now, let’s understand what Augmented Reality (AR) actually is. Augment means to add or enhance something. In the case of AR, graphics, sounds, and touch feedback are added into our natural world and create an enhanced user experience. But is this augmented reality that practical and potential?

The Potential and the Practicalities

AR technology is ready to take over the business world and as a result, different sector organizations are using it to help users visualize data and instructions. The technology is now becoming movable, easy, lightweight and user-friendly. The latest applications of AR are not at all complex and can easily be installed. Though you don’t need to do anything as there are a lot of companies out there like and many others that provide AR products and solutions across industries.

There will be a huge transformation in the areas of business processes, workflows and employee training with the applications for AR. AR promises to make all kinds of work faster and safer by giving the workers any critical information they need that too without that barrier of reaching to the computer on your desk.

How does AR Impact Workplace?

AR, when implemented correctly,  is able to unlock the potential of placing the employees in a situation that one could not create otherwise. Let’s understand it with an example, say a surgeon need to learn how to perform a critical surgery, he can do that with the help of AR application without the need of a real human body.

AR is being deployed to effectively mobilize workers across multiple industries. The most common example is that field service engineers use wearables to access checklists and work manuals and are able to interact without using any object while working on a job.

Augmented Reality For Your Business

Augmented reality thins the line between the digital and physical dominions by producing computer-generated graphics to life, enhancing images manifolds for the employees. Here are a few ways in which AR can help in your Business.

  1. Save Time and Money

When you switch to AR from the old traditional structure of email and training modules that take to execute, it considerably improves the overall training process, employee engagement, and saves money.

  1. Take on-the-job Training to Another Level

AR helps in placing trainees in a real-world situation and that helps the employees and trainees learn better by doing it rather than seeing it.

  1. Bring Excitement in Your Remote Workforce

Last but not the least, the biggest benefit of AR is to be able to keep the remote workforce excited by providing them real-time assistance. For example, the remote team can work with the in-house team without the communication problem. If an employee needs some data immediately, he doesn’t need to call the in-house employee and ask him to send him a mail, instead, he can communicate with him directly and discuss the data.


Though AR has been around for many years now, they were seen as an expensive tool. As more and more development happens in this sector, it is now possible to experience the real environments accurately and allow real-time interactivity. With this, the hardware and people dependency have reduced and the workforce is able to perform their jobs better.