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Want unforgettable accessories at your wedding? Just create a flowercrown!

Do you want to wear a flowercrown at your wedding? In this article we show you how you can make one yourself. Really, this is truly breathtaking! At least I fell in love with it, so look quickly and prepare for fluttering butterflies in your stomach.

Before you start working enthusiastically, you first need to know a number of things. Which flowers you can use best, for example, or which ones you do not.

For a flowercrown you can use the best flowers that can be watered for a while. Otherwise the flowers may hang limp and that would be a shame. You should choose flowers that can be without water for a while; small spray roses, small cymbidium orchids, waxflower, carnation, lisiabthus, hypericum and gypsophila.

If you (like me) have no idea what these flowers look like just google them once. For an airy whole, small sprigs of green are perfect for your flowercrown and they finish it off completely. Note that you make a good relationship in small and large flowers. Large flowers are often very rough on the face and provide more weight. Roses can be used, but with a size of up to 4cm in diameter.

Flower Crown

Okay, now you know the basics and you can get started!

DIY flowercrown


pruning shears (possibly an iron shear)


green iron wire

caoutchouc (green stretch tape)

All materials can be purchased at a garden center or via the internet.

Step 1:

Make a circle of the iron wire large of the circumference of your head. If you want to place the flowercrown diagonally on your head (as can also be seen with this flowercrown), you have to make the circle smaller. Twist the ends tightly together so that the iron wire can not come loose. If you use more flowers and therefore create more weight, it is best to make a double circle with the iron wire.

Step 2:

Wrap rubber around the wire and finish the entire circle, so that you do not feel any sharp ends anymore.

Step 3:

Cut off a piece of all flowers and twigs until you have a stalk of about 2 cm.

Flower Crown

Step 4:

Attach iron wire to each flower and twig. With a flower, stick the iron wire as close as possible to the head of the flower through the stem. Make sure that a piece of iron wire of 4 cm remains on both sides of the handle. Then twist 1 piece of iron wire twice around the handle and the other wire. Now the flower can no longer break off and the flower has a ‘new’ stem. Cut the thread to a maximum length of 2 cm.

Step 5:

Pack the rubber again and wrap it around the ‘new’ flower stems.

Step 6:

Make sure that the flower is firmly secured so that the flower can not be released. So you go round the whole crown and you fix each flower. It may be practice, but be sure that you can also make this with these steps!