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Veesp VPS Hosting Review – One of the Best in Business

If you are a blogger, web hosting is what you would need. There are few kinds of web hosting services you can opt for depending upon the exact requirements you may have. Most important and popular among them are Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. Veesp is one such capable service provider you would indeed love. Let us review the Veesp VPS Hosting in the following paragraphs.

Veesp – An Overview

Virtual Private Server hosting is where the dedicated servers are sliced as per the needs of the users on it, and each of the users will get a part of the virtual servers. This should be in sharp contrast to the Shared hosting where you may not have dedicated resources for your websites. VPS Hosting provides you your own resources. This would help run your sites faster.

When we talk about VPS Hosting, Veesp is one of the best providers at good rates. Known earlier as VStoike, the service has been rechristened as Veesp. Offering primarily VPS Hosting services to its customers, the company has been a leader in the arena.

The Features of the Veesp VPS Hosting

Some of the important features that would make Veesp a force to reckon with can be summed up as:

  • Uptime Guarantee – Veesp guarantees you a 99.9 percent uptime. We would indeed praise their confidence of an assured uptime. They claim to refund your entire month’s service cost if the uptime falls below 99.9 percent! That should speak for itself, right? Please note that there are downtimes for server updates and similar scheduled maintenance activities.
  • Network Reliability – The service quality of the network is indeed reliable. The capacity of external channels can reach up to 70 Gbit per second
  • Perfect API Integration – If you are into programming, complete API integration should help you achieve the best ever The RESTful API offers you the best ever experience for the developers.
  • Customised Plans – The plans are completely customisable. Well, they have their own plans, but you can customise them to meet your personal needs. In fact, you can customise your plans as per the current needs.

Major Veesp Products and their comparison


As the name itself should indicate, this plan works with SSDs. Given the fact that the website owners prefer SSD hosting in place of HDD hosting, they are quite popular. The plans are divided into multiple sub plans.


HDD Hosting can help you cut costs. As opposed to SSD hosting, this uses Hard disks for hosting. This again comes with different pricing plans.

Windows VPS

If your website needs Windows environment, you would need Windows hosting. However, please note that people prefer Linux hosting in place of Windows hosting. Cost wise, Windows hosting is expensive. Veesp offers you good pricing though.

Though Veesp is mainly involved in opting for VPS Hosting, it also offers you dedicated hosting as well. However, we have been discussing VPS hosting and as such would prefer VPS hosting for the sake of this discussion.

Veesp Plans and Pricing

The VPS pricing structure of Veesp is completely customisable and affordable. Here are the prices that it offersLinux SSD Hosting Plans

SSD Sandbox – $ 4 per month.  Offers you 10 GB of SSD and 200Mbps Bandwidth

SSD 1$ 7 per month with 20 GB SSD and 200 Mbps bandwidth

SSD 2$ 12 per month with 40 GB SSD and 200 Mbps

SSD 4$ 25 per month with 60 GB SSD and 200 Mbps

Linux HDD Hosting Plans

HDD Sandbox – $ 3 per month.  Offers you 10 GB of HDD and 200Mbps Bandwidth

HDD 1 – $ 6 per month with 50 GB HDD and 200 Mbps bandwidth

HDD 2 – $ 10 per month with 100 GB HDD and 200 Mbps

HDD 4 – $ 20 per month with 200 GB HDD and 200 Mbps

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Windows 2 – $ 20 per month.  Offers you 100 GB Storage and 200Mbps Bandwidth

Windows 4  –$ 40 per month with 200 GB Storage and 200 Mbps bandwidth

Windows 8 – $ 80 per month with 400 GB Storage and 200 Mbps

Windows 16  – $ 140 per month with 800 GB Storage and 200 Mbps

In Conclusion

VPS Hosting is the best and most popular hosting services currently available. The advantages of a VPS hosting are one too many. Apart from being able to get the dedicated resources, your site is safe from getting malware and virus infections.

Veesp offers you an excellent assortment of functionalities and services for your benefits. The service has been much promising option for all your needs. The excellent uptime received should be what you would love the most. Opt for the services from Veesp today and you will never regret your decision.