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The leather jacket: a timeless piece of clothing

A leather jacket is a basic garment that is indispensable in your wardrobe. leather jackets are timeless and you can combine them endlessly. Leather jackets have zip and can also be chic at the same time; they give your outfit a stylish boost! A leather jacket of good quality is perhaps a costly investment, but it also lasts for years.

Do you want to buy a leather jacket? Then it is good to consider when you want to wear it. Do you want to wear it outdoors in the winter? Then it must be big enough to fit a thick sweater underneath. Also pay attention to the thickness of the jacket itself, so that it is warm enough.

Leather jackets are available in a number of common colors. Black is tough, has a ‘rock’ n roll ‘look and can be combined with many colors. Brown and burgundy red are very classic colors for a softer look. Are you looking for something more original? Then choose a striking color like navy blue or green.

leather jacket

The leather jacket for women

Bohemian spirit

Bring out the 60s feeling and combine your leather jacket with a nice long bohemian dress. You can wear half booties or sandals here. Nice accessories are a band in your hair or striking jewelry.


Leather jackets are tough and therefore fit perfectly with this look. Choose a skinny jeans with cracks, a big t-shirt and leather boots. Rock ‘n roll baby!


Are you going for a softer look? A leather jacket is also very beautiful with a cute or chic dress. Choose a dress in a soft fabric or a soft color, so that it forms a nice contrast with your cool leather jacket. It is very stylish to drape your leather jacket on your shoulders.