Shopping Addiction And Debt Can Affect Your Financial Status

Any addiction is bad. There are some addictions you can come to know and fell as well, but there are some which creep in unknowingly. Shopping is one such addiction that you fail to know or recognize until you find yourself in a huge amount of debt or your unnecessary purchases. Shopping becomes an addiction when you feel ‘high’ on spending money on clothes and other fashion accessories. Just like any addiction, you will not mind borrowing money from your friends, taking loans from creditors just to satisfy your desire until you find yourself in a debt hole.

It Changes Behavior

Shopping addiction is known to change a person’s behavior as well. This is also a disease which should not be taken lightly. Known as compulsive buying disorder, this will lead you to make unnecessary expenses and even resort to means which are unreasonable and sometimes criminal in nature as well. It is all in your mind and therefore, you will need to consult a psychiatrist immediately when you feel that you are addicted to it. This disorder excites the nerve cells of your brain which gives you pleasure in spending money, however unnecessary it may be.

No Official Recognition

This type of disorder has no official recognition about it though it is considered to be a mental disorder. But even then you will find some agencies and debt counselors who may help you out in this situation. They can formulate a debt management plan so that you can save money with controlled shopping and be able to pay off your debt regularly on time even. The doctors may not consider its legitimacy; the ill effects of this mental disorder cannot be overlooked at any cost. It affects both your personal and professional life.

Some Facts To Know

The principle of working for shopping addiction is just like any other addiction, alcohol or drugs. The brain cells are stimulated which releases some messages that make you repeat the action over and over again to gain pleasure. Similar to any other addiction, shopping addiction does not have any gender discrimination as well. However, the age of the person plays an important role along with some other factors. The available cash in hand to spend and the urgency of showing off to others make the younger generation more vulnerable to this addiction that the older generation. They like to be more in a fashion that the older generation. Click here to know more about effects of fashion on debt.

The Symptoms Of It  

The most common symptom of shopping addiction is the tendency to hide the things that you have bought from your family members or the close ones. You even resort to telling lies about the expenses that you have made and may also lose your temper when pestered any further. You will live in the false belief that you have enough money to pay it back later and therefore should buy it now and give in to the aggressive campaigning of the fashion products. You also take on new credit cards without paying off the balances on the old ones.

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