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Shape each face into the correct shape: The tips

With makeup you can manipulate the face shape. By shaping and highlighting you can correct the face where necessary and better proportionate. With light, shadows and color, you accentuate the strong points and you wove the weaker points. This article give tips about oval, round, square and heart faces. Keep reading…

Oval face

An oval face is seen as the perfect face shape, because the dimensions in the face are ideal. The length of the face is about one and a half times the width, there is a nicely rounded jaw line and the cheekbones form the widest part of the face. With this form you do not have to correct anything. You can emphasize the strengths with shaping and highlighting.


Round face

A round face often has a youthful appearance, because the face does not have sharp corners but rather large surfaces. The nose is often short and possibly slightly wider than with other face shapes. In addition, this type often has convex cheeks and full lips. By shaping the face you can create sharper angles and length, so you can give the face an oval shape. This usually gives a more mature look. Put a dark powder or dark foundation on and under the cheekbones, on the edge of the jaw and on the underside of the chin. Apply the blush diagonally to give the face length.

Square face

An angular face can have a hard look and male eyes. It has a broad jawline, full cheekbones, a powerful chin, and a straight and broad forehead. By making the face rounder, you can soften the look. Use a dark foundation or powder on all four corners of the face. Because you darken the forehead and the jaw line in the corners, the face seems rounder. Put a highlighter on the middle of the forehead and on the chin so that you give length to the face.

Heart face

A heart-shaped or triangular face has a wider forehead and a narrower, sometimes pointed chin. The cheekbones are a bit higher, the lips are often narrow and the nose is small. You want to make the face a bit rounder and look less pointed. Apply some darker powder, dark foundation or blush to the temples, cheekbones and chin. This makes the face appear less pointed, shorter and therefore rounder. To optically enlarge the lips, you can read the tips in this article: This is how you create fuller lips. By keeping the eye makeup calm and choosing a bright or powerful lipstick, you shift the accent from the slightly wider forehead to the lips, making the face look less triangular.