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PoweredTemplate – Get the best Graphic Diagrams

PowerPoint is an amazing tool for presentations and meetings. It is one such tool which has single-handedly revolutionized the board meeting, and presentations, may it be a school, college or an office. It has such an important role to play in our lives, that everyone is reading this blog post, may at some point in their lives have used PowerPoint to prepare a presentation. And if I tell you that you might not be exploring the full potential of the tool, not yet, you may be surprised. Some of you may even think that I am exaggerating things here. But trust me on this one, and this is all the post is all about.

Before we begin, let us see that what are the things and the key elements which make up a beautiful presentation beautiful. Some of you may think, that it is the content and the skill of the speaker who is delivering the presentation. It may be partially correct, but the most important factor is your content delivery and the design of the presentation. A beautifully designed presentation just leaves your audience in awe. Let me explain this by an example here. Since we all know that Android Phones, really do perform better than an iPhone in benchmarks. Now when I say this, do not misjudge me, I am just handpicking a few devices, and not starting an Apple vs. Android fanboy war here. But what do you think that Apple does, which makes iPhone single-handedly the most sold and followed device? Yes, you got it right, it is the design of their presentation. Ever look at an iPhone advertisement, and compare it with an Android one, you will feel what I’m trying to conclude here. So coming back to our topic, which is making a beautiful presentation beautiful.

Now since I made my point in the previous paragraph, let’s get things started here. Now the thing that makes a beautiful is the design, and how well you make your presentation stand out from the cliché presentations that are being thrown at the face of the audience quite often. And here comes the PoweredTemplate to the rescue. In a nutshell, it is the perfect design solution which you might need to design your powerpoint slides so well, that they might leave your audience dumbstruck.

Here are some of the features and the services the PoweredTemplate will provide you with.

Out of the Box Design:

They have some of the most professional looking and the templates which may strike you hard at the first glance. And not even the Microsoft Powerpoint, their templates even support Google Slides. There is no complaining about the creativity in their templates, hands down. You can find newly added templates here:

Diagrams and Charts:

Every presentation has some data to display and some facts and figures in a visual form so that they become more comparable rather than just raw numbers. And this is where the charts and the diagrams come into play. They have a wide collection of the templates which are waiting for you, like cubes, ladders, blocks and much more. And that is a steal at the price they offer all these features. You can browse their library of charts and diagrams by clicking here.


Though this feature some users might not even need, but just in case you want it, they have it covered as well. A map which you will purchase from Poweredtemplate will include at least 50 slides, with all sorts of color combinations and styles, which will make it worthwhile watching and having in your presentations.

Clip Art:

Clip arts are other elements which you require in your presentations for making them more presentable, and intriguing. They have such a vast collection of clip art that you won’t even think about any other third party clip art for that matter. Also, they will provide you with some free clip art, but just in case you want to expand, there is always an option to buy them anytime you want.

Hire Them for Custom Designs:

By now you might have got a decent knowledge, that they provide you with a vast variety of tools and other key elements to make your presentation not only look beautiful, but also make it stand out of the crowd. But just in case, that you aren’t really satisfied with all that, you can make them design a custom template for your presentation, just the way you like it. No matter what you want, want design, or color combination, the PoweredTemplate will do it for you. And they provide this services for just an amount of $195. Sure you, at first, might think, that this is expensive, but think again, how much would a professional designer charge you? Considering all other factors, this might be your best bet.

Along will, all those features, the templates which you will be buying are supported across a wide variety of platforms. Of course, Microsoft and the Google Slides are the obvious candidates here, but along with them you get the support for OpenOffice, and Keynote as well. And along with the template designs, they also provide with website templates, and Print Designs, along with Word Templates. All in all, they could replace your professional designer. So why not give them a try?


The screenshot below shows that you can have either Silver membership or Gold Membership for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or for even 12 months.

Rest you can get the details on their website.

Please let us know what do you think about them in the comments below.