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What to do When you iPhone Data is Lost?

Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever faced data loss on your device? If your answers are Yes, this blog post is exclusively for you. How you may lose data on your iPhone? There are many reasons and causes of data loss on your

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5 best Time Machine Alternatives for Windows

Time Machine is an excellent backup and disaster recovery feature on Mac OSX. It mounts the image of your OS, such as your personal data, files, installed apps, settings and everything at certain intervals and they are stored in a safe location on different mediums

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PoweredTemplate – Get the best Graphic Diagrams

PowerPoint is an amazing tool for presentations and meetings. It is one such tool which has single-handedly revolutionized the board meeting, and presentations, may it be a school, college or an office. It has such an important role to play in our lives, that everyone


7 beauty tips for today’s women

Today, many women are “more busy” than ever. Getting to everything effectively is just a matter of organization and priorities. However, our beauty care is usually left aside, and you may reach a point where you will find yourself less attractive. But, quiet, today we

All about Hosts Files

What is a Hosts file? Hosts files are the files which store information about a specific computer system on the network. It essentially maps the hostname which is nothing but the proper name of any computer and its internet protocol address. Each and every time

Imitation Jewelry

How to know if your gems are real or imitation

Do you want to know if your jewelry is real or imitation? We’re going to talk about detecting if your gems are real or imitation. Real gems usually have small defects, scratches, taps that have suffered over time, while imitation gems will have a perfect

10 Best Music apps for Android

These days, many people have switched to some kinds of music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Hungama, Gaana etc. But it is not possible to have internet connection everywhere. If you have your personal collection and default music player is not enough for