Give The Gift Of Style This Holiday Season

There was once a time when over-sized pants and long t-shirts were christened as the epitome of hip-hop cool. The luminaries of the genre, acts like KrissKross and the entire slate of Cash Money Millionaires, became known for popularizing jeans that sat below the waist and crisp white tees that often looked like they were much too large for the wearer. In the world of hip-hop, women’s fashion brands like Kimora Lee Simmon’s Baby Phat reigned supreme. The brand was known for a silhouette comprised of ultra-feminine puffy hooded coats paired with skin-tight dark denim embroidered with the brand’s well-loved symbol of a cat drawing.

Today, hip-hop fashion and urban wear has transformed itself entirely. Two fashion icons that are setting the course for that change are world-famous rapper Kanye West and hip-hop influenced pop star Rihanna. West was one of the first rappers to make a departure away from over-sized jeans and dabble in the world of boat shoes and pink polo shirts. Rihanna seems to draw her inspiration from other popular female rappers like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim with her choice of stylish mini skirts, thigh-high boots and colorful furs. Both Kanye and Rihanna have pulled upon influences from past trends in hip-hop fashion to evolve a new kind of urban fashion that is deconstructed and pulls from street style and haute couture to create new aesthetics that push boundaries.

For example, both Rihanna and Kanye debuted new collections during Fashion Week in 2016 that seemed to be two sides of the same coin. Kanye’s collection was somber and muted while Rihanna’s collection was bright and uber-feminine. While Rihanna’s collection was pastel-colored with lace and Kanye’s collection was spare and dystopian, both collections incorporated neutrals and presented new takes on urban fashion staples like hooded jackets and jumpsuits. While Kanye and Rihanna’s collections might not be accessible to the average person, shoppers that are interested in building a wardrobe that is inspired by both of these cultural luminaries can look to urban clothing stores like that offer very similar styles for affordable prices.

As it happens, the Internet is a great way to check out what style icons are wearing and find urban clothing stores that sell comparable items. Christmas gifts have never been easier when you can simply purchase all your holiday gifts at or a similar retailer. Urban fashion enthusiasts that look to online shopping to stock their closets can look for destroyed t-shirts, acid wash hoodies, motorcycle jackets, distressed fitted jeans, camouflage-print shirts and jackets. Online shopping is a great way to check up on which tie-dyed rock band tee shirts and dark green hoodies that look exactly like what Kanye might wear to a concert or a night on the town.

Fashion has always proven to be a great way for young people to express themselves and, now more than ever, through tools like the Internet and online retailers their family and friends can give them the gift of style this holiday season. This year, take advantage of the online stores that sell some of the most cutting edge fashion and ensure your gift is one your loved one cherishes for many, many years to come.

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