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Checking Out The Navigation System On Nokia Asha 502

Necessity brings forth major scientific innovations by tweaking the technology in a desirable manner. The advent of Android smartphones was reminiscent of the major technological improvements which made utility a household name. In the modern era, almost every device has Android support only with the versions being different. But are all devices equipped with the same OS and if not can the same applications be used on the ones which support a different operating system altogether.

Nokia Asha

Usage of Google maps on Nokia Asha 502 is one such consideration which the user needs to identify as this phone uses a completely different operating system, namely the Nokia Asha Platform 1.1, which does not support applications from the Google store. One can also argue that the user interface is also a tad different than the Android sets which justify the change in performance.

It has been stated that Nokia Phones would not support the basic Navigation system involving Google maps. We can use an alternative method with HERE maps which is available at the Nokia Store, preinstalled in the device itself.

Existing Technology

The basic GPS system is lacking in the device owing to the unavailability of the global positioning chipset. For the purpose of navigation the user needs to have an internet connection via WIFI or 2G as supported by the mobile. As the3G technology is not supported, the applications run slower than on most Android sets. The entire procedure requires the user to have a SIM card inserted at all times as the concept of network triangulation works perfectly with this version of Nokia Asha. The basis of this technology is the navigation support from the cellular towers when the SIM card’s location is identified in accordance with the internet connection. Once the location is identified, the rough approximation is provided and the details are not exactly precise. Users implement this concept of Assisted GPS which functions perfectly with the Nokia Asha 502 as per the latest standards of advanced mobile communication.

Installing the Software

With the internet activated, downloading the HERE maps becomes exceedingly simple as the users can click on the Nokia Store and type the application name. Free download is supported and on installing, a newer icon appears which has to be clicked upon for starting the navigation system. Precise location is not available owing to the slower speed but the rough approximation is also extremely useful. Various modes like satellite, public transport etc. are supported and one can activate the same with a single click. Setting directions and finding the routes is also possible as the interface is a simplistic one. Directions can be found as the mobile automatically locates the current location and when the destination is given, it assimilates the data and indicates the shortest possible path.

This procedure sums up the way as how the navigations facilities can be used on Nokia Asha 502 by the enthusiasts who are constantly on the move without having to worry about the absence of Google Maps.