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Male fashion: How to choose the perfect outfit

The universe of fashion every day becomes more demanding and mysteriously sneaks through the corridors of the buffet of lawyers, large business companies and, of course, the stock market. Scenarios in which laws, numbers and the value of the dollar are the main protagonists.

To avoid making mistakes when purchasing in “male fashion world”, we’re here to give you series of keys that you should consider when buying:

men fashion

1- Do not believe everything the seller says

When you go to an exclusive or retail store and ask the seller’s opinion, he will always tell you that everything looks perfect and will even offer you the option of making small adjustments to the suit so that it fits you. However, you should bear in mind that tastes are “subjective”, so you have to be careful in that sense. For this, the professional says that it is best to find a store with sellers that sound credible and do not approach you only for the commission that is after the sale.

2- Before buying such a garment, ask yourself, what do I want the suit for?

If such acquisition is purely for work reasons and its use will be limited to once or twice a week, the expert recommends opting for a suit of classic cut and in dark tones. Also, if you are looking for something more versatile that fits any eventuality, dare for a stylized piece but always discreet. Forget the muted tones and opt for a different palette, stripes or subtle pictures that deliver freshness to the look and do not end up tiring.

3- You need to choose departmental store instead of retail store

When you want to buy a suit, ask an “honest” friend to accompany you to a store where you will find a number of options in models, cuts, fabrics and colors. If in that search you try something that makes you look good and gives you comfort, buy it. Otherwise go to a store that specializes in that type of clothing, where you already know the clothes they offer.