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Low Sex Drive in Women- Symptoms, Cause, and Treatment

Sex desire fluctuates naturally among women of all ages with some major life changes like any illness, pregnancy or menopause. Whereas, men have the main sexual complain of erectile dysfunction, women’s main sexual problem, low sex drive is related to both mental and physical factor. There are some sorts of medicines too that can be the reason behind low sex drive in women. We have a medical term to address this condition which is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Having a lack of sexual desire can be treated by making some lifestyle and sexual techniques changes that might help you to get in the mood back.

Though medication is not required you can always seek medical help if the problem is severe and you need prompt results. Since this article is not written by any medical expert and is based on research only, don’t rely on this information only and we highly recommend that you do your research before trying on any treatment prescribed here.

Symptoms of HSDD

Though a little fluctuation in sexual desire is common and has nothing to do with your health or anything but if the changes in sexual desire are affecting your relationship or inner confidence, you could have HSDD. Here are some symptoms that you can observe if you have HSDD.

  1. Little or no interest in sexual activity
  2. A little or no sexual thoughts or fantasies
  3. A little or no pleasure while having sex

Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

Here we have mentioned some possible reasons of why your sex drive is getting low.

  1. Stress

Stress imperatively affects your sexual drive. If there is something stressful going on in your office, home or personal life, then it will be a possible reason that you are less attracted towards sexual activities.

  1. Depression

It could be a cause and an outcome of low sexual life. Some women feel depressed due to low sexual drive and some women feel depressed and that is why they have a low sexual drive. You see, every aspect of your life is related to other aspects, physical and mental. Depression is the most dangerous problem of them all.  If you feel something bothering you more than ever, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

Also, if you are taking antidepressant pills, you can feel a lower sexual drive. Every treatment comes with a side effect but this does not mean that you stop taking your antidepressants. Instead, consult with your psychiatrist to prescribe a different medicine.

  1. Birth Control

Not only the antidepressants but the oral contraceptives can also lower your libido. These pills decrease testosterone in the body and thus lower libido. If you feel that the contraceptive pills are killing your sex drive, consult your gynecologist to switch to some different pills. There are some pills in the market and you can choose the one that will work for you.

  1. Parenting

When you have a young kid at home and you are looking after it, you could probably feel lower sex drive. The reason is very simple; you are taking care of the kid and the house resulting in less time for sex and more responsibility for kids. You have to plan the time that would be convenient for both you and your partner. Sometimes, you have time but you are too tired to have sex at that time. And if none of these is your problem and if you are a happy parent but feeling some changes in your sex drive, do not stress. It will be fine once you start getting a little more free time, relaxation, and of course sleep.

  1. Menstrual Circulation

The problem could be temporary and be resolved automatically. When there are some changes in your period cycle, the libido is also supposed to fluctuate. Generally, women have high sexual desire before ovulation. And when the cycle is disturbed, this process also changes and you could not feel the desire. To cope up with the situation, try to keep a track of the changes in your period cycle so that you can predict the drop in libido.

  1. Menopause

Menopause is another possible reason that causes low sex drive or desire in women. Menopause is the period in a woman’s life when menstruation stops. It generally happens between the ages of 45 and 50. Though in this age, it is considered to be okay to have a low sexual drive but if you still feel that this is something unusual then you should consider talking to your doctor about the treatment options available to menopausal people looking to regain their sex drives.

  1. Relationship Issues

When you are not happy in the relationship, there are chances that you feel low sexual drive. The reason could be anything, you are not satisfied with your partner or you are stressing over other relationship issues. If you feel that the love is drying out between you two, maybe it is the time that you try some different poses or new fantasies to spice up your sexual relationship. You can also go out for a small second honeymoon to spice up your relationship.

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How to Treat Low Sexual Drive in Women

Whatever is the reason of your low sexual drive; there are some lifestyle changes and remedies that you can try to cope up with the problem.

  1. Try Meditation

We all know that there are lots of benefits of doing yoga and meditation. Well, now you can add one more benefit in the list. According to a study that took place in the University of British Columbia, when 117 women went through four 90-minute therapy sessions that were based on mindfulness (a meditation technique that accentuates total attention to bodily sensations of the present moment), and followed the treatment for 6 months, the women significantly improved desire, arousal, and lubrication with a decreased sex-related distress and depressive symptoms too.

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  1. Include Healthy Fats in your Diet

Healthy fats increase libido in the body and also minimize dryness in the vagina that improve sexual desire and help making sex more pleasurable. Nuts, seeds and avocados supply healthy fats. Flaxseeds have omega-3 and have estrogen-like effects that are useful in improving your hormone levels. You can also eat fish if you are a non-vegetarian and if you are vegetarian, you can have flaxseeds and walnuts. Avocado is also known for libido boost and also is a healthy option to not so healthy cheese and mayo on your favorite sandwiches and salads.

  1. Dark Chocolates are Actually Good

We all love chocolate. And what if we say that dark chocolate is actually healthy for you? Dark chocolate that has 70 % or more cocoa may help increase dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is said to be a brain’s pleasure chemical that helps lift the mood, relaxes, and improves the body’s response to stimulation, thus improve your sexual pleasure and drive too.

  1. Red Wine to the Rescue

Gulping a glass of wine is always a good idea, but what if we give you one more reason to have it more often? The wine has a rich antioxidant profile that helps boost your libido, triggers nitric oxide production in the blood which relaxes artery walls and also calms your mind and makes you release stress. In a study, it was found that the women who drink one or two glasses of wine have improved sexual desire that those who do not drink any. But while it is good for your sexual health if taken in limit, it could stop the show before its start if taken more than this quantity.

Wrapping Up

If you are facing issues in your married life due to low sex drive then finding the cause of your low sex drive is the most important thing to start with. Without knowing the cause you might not find a cure or treatment. Address the problem in the very start; seek out help from a trusted professional if you are not able to solve the dilemma on your own.

In today’s world when we are too wrapped up in everything that we need to do prior that we don’t get time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sex is one of these simple pleasures that are as emotional as physical. So, keep this in mind and find ways to prioritize your marriage as you work through things. Try to find that romantic spark that your relationship needs. Open up yourself to the smallest things and remember a little love can lead to spontaneous moments that can do wonders for your sex life.