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How To Earn Easily From Your Sites With Infolinks?

If you have a web page where you share some original and amazing content with your readers, then you will also have a way to monetize your content without disturbing the user experience on your webpage or website. There are a lot of web content monetization options available and you can choose any one of them, but the question comes that which one will be the right one for you.

A good monetization option is the one which has a lot of chances of conversion and Infolinks is one such advertisement network which has a great pool of advertisers as well as publisher and hence it creates a really great ecosystem for monetizing content. Let us know about Infolinks.

Infolinks – An Introduction

Infolinks was started back in 2007 with a motive to provide better advertising experiences to advertisers and to provide publishers with a platform that they can use to monetize their content. Infolinks started with an in-text advertising program but now they have expanded the horizon and you can use the provided advertisement options by Infolinks in much better ways. We will be talking about various great stuff about Infolinks in this post.


How does Infolinks work?

Infolinks being a huge network for both advertisers as well as publishers provides a platform where both the parties can make use of one another. Advertisers get a place that already has a built of the number of publishers of different types and the publishers get benefits by showing ads via Infolinks on their websites.

Integrating Infolinks in your website to show ads is a really easy process. If you are running a blog that runs on the self-hosted version of WordPress, then you can use their own official WordPress plugin to implement Infolinks on your site.

If you run a custom coded website, you can still use Infolinks and all you need to do is place some codes on your site and Infolinks will take care of the rest.

What type of ad units can you show with Infolinks?

Infolinks provides more than just in-text advertising. As you can see in this section, they show four types of ads and they match it intelligently with the content the users are looking for or reading about.

Infolinks Intext ads

Some part of the text of the content will be hyperlinked and when a user hovers over that link, an ad will be shown. This is a great way to show ads that don’t come in between the user as well as the content.

Infold Ads

Infold ads are probably the ads that convert the most. They load when the page is loaded on the bottom part of the screen on user’s view.

Intags Ads

This is similar to link units and the ads are shown in an array of links in between the content. When a user hovers over the links, he is shown the ads.

Inframe Ads

The Inframe ads are shown when there is space in the content wrap of the web page. This does not obstruct any content and looks clean on the web page itself so many people prefer this over other options.

Infolinks Referral Program

Infolinks runs a referral program where you can just refer other publishers and Infolinks will pay you 10% of whatever your referred publishers make in 12 upcoming months. This is pretty cool, right?

I don’t think many advertising networks run such referral programs that benefit both the referral and the person who signed up.


All in all Infolinks is a great way to earn a few extra bucks from your website where you share your content. Their application process is easy and if you have a good website that adds value in their network then your application will be accepted for sure.

The referral program makes it even better as you will be earning 10% of whatever your referred person makes for the next 12 months.