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How to care for the beard?

You already know that the new trend in men is to wear long and bushy beards and the question of the million is: How to care for the beard?

This look comes from the culture “HIPSTER” and it is an urban phenomenon where men are interested in the “under” and alternative culture, I am going to explain how you should take care of the beard.

The first thing you need to know is that your beard needs care, just as we take care of the rest of our body. The beard is part of your image and influences how others see you, as can be your way of dressing or your shoes, and you have to know that the first glance that you offer to other people is what will cause them good or bad impression of you.

Under the beard is the skin of the face and this will also need care although we do not see it is there and will also require cleaning and hydration. The hair is getting dirty and taking odors throughout the day and you have to know that the hair of the beard is different from the hair of the head and the skin of the scalp. So the care can not be the same, you can not use the same shampoo for the head as for the beard, you need special products for each area.


How to wash it?

The water you will use to wash the beard must be warm and we will use special shampoo for beards 3 times a week, the rest of the other days we will only pass water. The shampoo must reach the skin of the face and with your fingers you must massage it since it must be clean.

You should dry your beard with a towel and finish with the dryer at medium temperature, since wet hair can irritate our skin and you have to bear in mind that the hair of the beard is much thicker than that of your head.

Following these steps you will have a good hygiene of the beard and the skin of the face but I guess you want to go a step further and get your beard look healthy and bright.

To obtain these results we will need to hydrate it, you will also use special products created for the hydration of the beard and the skin with a beard, the conventional products however good they are, they do not serve us.