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HideIPVPN: What You Need To Know About VPN And How To Get Started With One [Review]

Many online security issues have been floating around the news for some time now and for all the wrong reasons. With the rise in the security issues and people or agencies prying on your data, the need for a VPN service has increased more than ever before. The number of people who believe that VPN would grow on to become as much as a necessity as the internet connection itself has increased three-folds over the past few years. Safeguarding one’s own browsing data and retaining one’s privacy rights have led to serious backlash against the governments for serious consideration. During times like these, tightening up your online security is much essential.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a privately owned set of servers physically located at different parts of the world that would let you anonymously access the web. These servers tunnel your internet traffic through them. While channelling your online traffic through their private servers, these services ensure that your data is encrypted and that makes it tracing back the data to the user impossible. While there are many good VPN service providers, you would have to make the right choice depending on the encryption protocols these services have to offer. If you are convinced that you are in dire need of a VPN service to begin concealing your identity and your online browsing data, we will be reviewing one such reliable VPN service provider for your consideration – HideIPVPN.

What you need to know about HideIPVPN

Talking about premium VPN service providers, HideIPVPN has its services up for the offering for internet users to consider. With servers located in the USA, UK, Netherlands and Germany, HideIPVPN’s servers manage to maintain a 100% uptime and do not affect your bandwidth in any means. The service offers their own standalone tool for both Windows and Mac OS X based systems to easily connect to your VPN server within a few minutes. The tool has been designed to make connections and server setup as one-click access.

With many major providers offering up VPN services, choosing the right one is essential and HideIPVPN is a reliable VPN service provider to just get the work done. Once you get your login credentials after registering for one of their premium services, you will be presented with a screen as seen above.

Getting started with your VPN connection

Setting up a connection with HideIPVPN is pretty straightforward and simple. After logging in with your credentials, you will be made to choose between a set of further options to get started on your VPN server. Among these settings include selecting the encryption protocol of your choice among OpenVPN, SoftEther, SSTP, L2TP and PPTP. SoftEther is one of the newest and most powerful multi-platforms VPN encryption protocol in use, apart from that OpenVPN is widely considered by many VPN users. For regular users, these settings are more than enough and most of the time wouldn’t be needed to worry much about the encryption protocol in use.

Apart from the encryption protocol, depending on your subscription plan, you will be made to choose between the locations of your server. With options to choose between four different server locations, depending on your use of the VPN server, you can choose the server location best suited for your needs. Once done with all the settings, hit ‘Connect’ and you will be instantly connected to the server of your choice.

Application Killer

HideIPVPN offers a feature called the ‘Application killer’ which can be accessed from the tool’s sidebar. Here, you will be offered up to add applications of your choice that you wish to use with your VPN service. These apps will be automatically shut down by the tool in the event of a network breakdown. So no more accidental accessing of services when you are unknowingly disconnected to your VPN server.


HideIPVPN also offers a SmartDNS service that lets you access geo-restricted websites and other online services which you wouldn’t be able to access from your own location. Be it censored content or geographically restricted content, SmartDNS gets you past all of these location barriers to access the web from the comforts of your own location. So no more skipping those Netflix and Hulu shows just because you are located outside of their service area.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing is fairly competitive and HideIPVPN lets its users to choose between different locations of their VPN servers and the pricing varies accordingly. The pricing for the single server based in US or UK is $5.99 per month. The all-inclusive US/UK/DE/NL server, it is priced at $9.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

HideIPVPN is a reliable VPN service provider who’s easy to useand one-click setup tool makes it easy for even the beginner user to get started on a VPN server fairly quickly.Although the tool has a little to offer for the more advanced users who would love SSL encryption levels, this service is just the right fit for home users who are beginning on using a VPN or are fairly comfortable with using one.