Appreciate Your Team’s Achievements

In today’s business world and cut throat competition, achieving the laid out plans and targets is really worth appreciating. In addition to the basic needs of food shelter and clothing, the other human needs that are important fall under the category of appreciation. In fact, it can be considered as one of the most critical need of the day. Corporate HR and managers achieve this by giving corporate gifts sometimes personalized gifts to their high performing teams as per the allowed company policy.

Even in our homes, we experience this human need when we give out gifts for kids on their birthdays or special days as well as gifts items for general achievement that the kids may show in their growing years.

Giving it a personalized touch

When the organization recognizes achievement and appreciates it and adds a personalized touch to the whole gifting affair, the corporate gifts are cherished and remembered for a long time. Receiving an extended service award from the hands of the CEO on completing 5 years of employment is a great moment for the employee. If this is done at a corporate event, and the corporate gift is something like a personal name engraved pen or a logo printed watch, the employees will really feel recognized and appreciated.

Hand written notes

With the arrival for the computers and the email, hand written notes have just simply lost their effectiveness – not really. Even today, a hand written note from the boss to appreciate the employee performance is a keeper for life.

Gifts for kids

Just like adults like to be appreciated and recognized for their achievements, this kind of emotion is very strong and prevalent in children of all ages. In fact, in some children, it only increases with age and then can reach an extent that may require some professional counselling and help.

So what is the best way to select a gift item for children?

The answer depends on the age and the child’s interests and inclinations. For babies in arms and toddlers, even a hug and some play time with parents is a gifts for kids and they really look forward to that. As the age increases, materialistic things start making an entry into the children’s lives and then, cars, toy planes and other fairy tale items become an important part of the choice of gift items that are selected.

Does this mean you recognize all their good behaviour and appreciate it with gifts? Well not really, as that will only imbibe the culture of doing something in exchange of a gift or an award. Some things are just to be done because they are that way – behaving well in a public place, keeping voices low in a library are generally expected behaviours. Getting a gift for keeping quiet in a library is OK for the first time you visit one, provided you are old enough to read. The subsequent times you visit should itself be a motivator to keep quiet and enjoy the vast sea of knowledge that the library provides.

The basic human need of being appreciated and recognized evolves with age and can be used very effectively in bring out the best in the employees as corporate gifts and personalized gifts items.

Children can also learn new things and get motivated to do even better when offered gifts for kids and gift items that are appropriate for their age and likings.

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