Three Unique Uses of a Fanny Pack

The fanny pack wasn’t always considered the most stylish accessory by the younger generation, but you cannot deny its functionality. That may be why we are now seeing more and more of these bags being brought back into use. They definitely provide a hands free way of carrying a multitude of items. The following is three unique ways in which the fanny pack is now being used.

The Busy Mom’s Diaper Bag

Moms are busier than ever. They need bags that they can grab quickly. The fanny pack is ideal. It holds quite a bit, is rather small in size, and keeps the hands free without slowing you down. You will still need your regular full size diaper bag for all day outings or visits to Grandma’s, but the fanny pack is just right for running errands, picking up the older kids from school, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

The fanny pack is just big enough to hold one or two diapers and a small package of wipes. It straps on Mom’s waist which leaves her hands totally free to hold her baby. Unlike other bags, it won’t fall down one’s shoulder when they bend over, and it remains lightweight enough that it won’t cause backaches. Its small size also allows it to be kept by the door where it can be grabbed quickly on your way out.

The Motorcycle Accessory

Anyone who travels by motorcycle knows just how precious space can be. Saddle bags provide room for clothing, tools, and other necessities, but you can always use a little extra space. The fanny pack can become the ideal shaving bag or cosmetic bag when travelling on a motorcycle vacation. This may sound like a stretch, but if you know how to pack, they are ideal. Best of all, they are small enough to easily carry with you while off the bike.

The trick to using a fanny pack for your toiletries is to think small. Look for all of your regular hair care products, cosmetics, toothpaste and tooth brush, and all your other daily grooming items in sample or travel sizes. Most drug stores have bins filled with these types of products in small, easy to carry packaging.

Theme Parks

Fanny packs are the most useful when visiting a theme park with your family and friends. Most people spend an entire day at these parks. This means you are bound to need certain necessities throughout your time there, especially if you have small children along. Parents can use their fanny packs for admission tickets and cash or credit cards. Fanny packs also make it very easy to go on the rides. Fanny packs eliminate the need for storage lockers, and since they are worn like a belt, they are much harder to lose.

Custom fanny packs are perfect for trips to theme parks. Choose colorful, matching ones for every member of your group. This makes it easy to spot each person in a crowd. Allow the kids to fill theirs with snacks, juice boxes, and small toys and games to keep them occupied while waiting in long lines.

These are only three ways in which the fanny pack is making a huge come back. The number one feature of this unique accessory is the hands free movement it allows you. It holds a lot, but it is still small enough to go anywhere. It’s no wonder we are seeing more and more of the fanny pack.

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