The World of 70’s Fashion and How Trends Evolved

The world of fashion evolves each and every day, sometimes in a much rapid manner than we all anticipate. Even so, there are some clear differences between certain decades. Because of this, we can always look back at certain styles and instantly attribute them to a specific time frame. The fashion of the 70’s is one of the most memorable there is, with numerous trademarks and styles which many people still love. A clear evidence of that is the fact that many people still use certain minor accessories even to this day and that type of clothing seems attractive even to those were just kids in that era.

History of 70’s Fashion

Just like any other decade in recent history, the fashion of the 70’s started as a continuation of the hippie look that evolved in the previous decade with worn jeans and tie dyed shirts continuing to be the main trend for the first few years. Hip huggers and especially bell bottoms were popular all throughout the decade and they were usually customized and decorated by their wearers. Still popular well within the decade were the various methods of bleaching and tie dying that were developed during the 60’s. If the fashion of 70’s clothes was anything it was not designed to be ignored, whether we’re talking about male fashion or women’s fashion.


During the 70’s, women started asserting themselves in their taste for fashion in a big way, making their choices from the clothing on sale in that time hard to pin down in a narrow category. The same girl who would wear torn and faded jeans one day might wear a pair of hot pants and long knee socks the next, and the day after that a floral patterned old-style dress. The mini skirt, that symbol of women’s fashion in the 60’s continued its life during the 70’s spawning the midi and then maxi dresses which were used for more formal situations.

Men and 70’s Fashion Trends

The clothes that men wore during the 70’s were quite the change from what they wore during the late 60’s. Even though the hippie look was always a sort of default look and many people still proudly wore their “uniform” of jeans and a t-shirt, some gave into the crazy fashion trends of the disco era and started wearing tight shirts with bright prints and outrageous patterns on them.

Disco and Fashion!

Probably the most well known fashion trend was the “disco costume” popularized by John Travolta in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”. This basically consisted of a three piece suit made of synthetic fabrics – polyester was king – which you would pair up with platform shoes.

The influence of the 60’s could still be felt as well thanks to the very strong ethnic influence that was introduced during the 60’s and exploded during the 70’s, the brightly colored scarves and large pieces of jewelry being just a few examples of this influence. Small jewelry was not the norm and sometimes even conservatively dressed women wore large pieces of jewelry that sometimes featured some sort of tribal motif or element.

In the end, the 70’s was an outstanding period for fashion. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that it was a great time for fashion and that a phenomenon like the 70’s fashion is not something you see everyday.

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