The FitFlop Trainer Range has Landed!

Have you seen the new Fitflop trainer range? We have always been a huge fan of FitFlop’s comfortable and stylish sandal range but we never would have expected them to release a trainer range that is as good as their original products.

FitFlop are known for their comfort. We like to wear trainers because they provide comfort when we need it most. We love the new Fit Flop trainer range because it provides just this. FitFlop trainers will take you to the next level of style and comfort.

These trainers feature an ergonomic, ultra-comfortable Anatomicrush midsole technology, ultra-light and breathable trainer, nylon mix knit uppers and a hardwearing rubber pod.

Their high level technology that has been used for their construction makes them super resistant, breathable and great for your feet’s health. Their style has been complimented with stretchy decorative laces that can be adjusted for a secure fit all day long.

Have you seen the variety of colours available at tReds? These popular trainers are available in black, pink and a black-charcoal combination. Each of these colours are easy to style all year round. We love how their knitted uppers will keep your feet nice and cosy during the colder months but thanks to their breathable design, they’re ideal for the summer months too (perfect)!

We love to style these trainers with a pair of breathable, sporty shorts because this will compliment their comfortable design. They could be teamed with a matching coloured vest top during the summer for casual wear. Alternatively, they could be styled with a textured/patterned top for a stand out look that will catch people’s attention.

These trainers are made to a high quality and so you could see them right through to next year. They’ll be your best friend and will help you tackle the great outdoors this summer.

During the winter months, we would recommend styling these trainers with a pair of comfortable leggings or even a pair of rolled up denim jeans for a casual look. You could even team them with a matching coloured hoody or a baggy, tucked in tee.

If you’re looking for the ideal casual footwear then these trainers are an absolute must! We’re extremely impressed by FitFlop’s latest range for this season, especially because of their quality and style.

These trainers are the perfect addition for your suitcase this summer for any getaways you have planned. Don’t let your footwear bring your holiday experience down and make sure you wear footwear that will keep your feet nice and snug during those long adventures.

Alternatively, these trainers make the perfect gift for someone special. Perhaps your mum, your sister or your auntie have a birthday on the horizon? Well, look no further for the perfect gift! They’re sure to fall in love the minute they see these trainers, and could you blame them?

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