Picking out the perfect flower girl dresses

It is the dress you’ve always dreamed of and you want to make sure all eyes will be on you on your big day. Picking out THE dress is a huge moment.  But, picking out the perfect flower girl dresses can be quite a magical moment also.  This is a big day for your flower girl and it only makes sense that she should feel just as special in her dress on your big day.  There are certainly several flower girl dresses to choose from, so we have outlined some basic guidelines to consider when finding the perfect dress.

Length – Generally, flower girl dresses come in two lengths.  There is the tea-length variety, coming to just below the knees, and a full-length dress that brushes the top of the floor.  The length of the dress is entirely a preference, but if you decide on tea-length make sure your flower girl has tights or socks to wear under the dress.  If you chose the full-length dress, make sure the dress is not too long so that your flower girl can easily walk down the aisle without tripping.

flower dresses

Material – Flower girls are not going to sit still.  Little kids are always on the go and their dress needs to be too.  Avoid fabrics that will easily wrinkle so that the dress continues to look great for photos before and after the wedding.  Also, avoid fabrics that can easily tear.  Little girls will climb, fall, dance, and brush against any and all things that can easily snag or tear a delicate fabric.  Also, consider the season of the wedding.  If you are having a winter wedding thin and sheer fabric may not be a good option.  Likewise, for an outdoor summer wedding try to stay away from heavy fabrics that do not breath well.

Comfort – Just like yourself and your bridesmaids, you want your flower girl to be comfortable in her dress.  She has to wear it for the entire day so she needs to enjoy having it on.  Plus, a young flower girl pulling and tugging at a dress that is uncomfortable is going to lead to awkward photos and an eventual meltdown.  Make sure the dress fits well and isn’t tight or rubbing in uncomfortable areas.

Budget – Weddings themselves are quite expensive so make sure you consider your budget for the flower girl dress also.  While you want the flower girl to look and feel like a princess, there is no need to go overboard with spending.  Often, there can be great bargains for dresses online.  The flower girl can look and feel great without breaking the bank.

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