New Project Is Launching on Kickstarter

There is a project launching on Kickstarter. Made of natural premium merino wool, this innovative fabric is equipped with a 2-way stretch as well as dry-fit technology. This is for a new brand launching on Kickstarter and will have a person feeling and looking awesome when traveling from work to play are anywhere else in pants make with this new fabric.

Project launch

This is a fabric that is perfect for those who expect as much out of their clothing as well as themselves. Where can you find these types of pants that are multifaceted and ready for action as the people who wear them are – ready for casual, active and business meeting all in style and comfort? Nowhere now because they aren’t finished yet.



Orchard+Lex founders Travis and Felix usingthis new fabric to create pants that not only look cool but are also:

  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to water and moisture
  • Stain resistant
  • Wrinkle free
  • Cool in heat and warm in cold
  • Breathable
  • Shrink resistant

Feel great everywhere

The Orchard+Lex brand keeps a person feeling great whether on the golf course, running errands, working or even when attending a formal event. Those at Orchard+Lex don’t just make great pants, they make pants great.

Some issues

After some samples, modifications and revisions they feel that now they have the best product that can be made. But as much as one can prepare, they believe that yes there are some issues, but some just cannot beavoidable.

Looking for funding

They are looking for investors for funding, but please understand these are still risks here with fulfillment being delayed. Examples could be a container shipment getting delayed for several weeks in customs or a consignment of new pants doesn’t pass Quality Control; their schedule could be pushed back by a week or two.



They have asked manufacturers to make certain production begins as soon as they are funded and will be ready to ship once each pant has been crafted expertly. Note that production takes 5 months to complete. This is because this fabric is made custom for Orchard+Lex and takes 4 months to be perfectly woven to meet their standards. It is expected that everyone will be able to receive their order by the end of November of this year.

Customer service

Orchard+Lex have always deals with customer service issues in a way that leaves every customer happy with their purchase and proud to support the company.

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