Mind, Body and Soul

The mind is a set of faculties which includes entities such as memories, perception, thoughts, judgments, and consciousness. The mind has the control for processing feelings, the power of imagination and appreciation. Unanimously there is no specific definition for the mind. The brain is one of the most powerful elements in a human body. There are no boundaries to use it but no one has the ability to use it fully. The Brain is wider than the sky. The brain can easily overtake the vastness and immensity of the sky. Few people think that the mind is brain or a part or function of the body. The mind isn’t a physical object and it cannot be seen by eyes neither it can be repaired by any surgery.

Coming to your body, whether you are fat, lean or tall; loving your body as it is will make you and people around you happier and healthier. It’s important for us to be real. God has created all of us differently and has blessed us with an amazing body.  We must not be trapped by the today’s trend of having a perfect figure and should believe in the fact that we are beautiful and perfect in our own way. We all know that a healthy soul resides in a healthy body. As our body changes with our age, by adopting some good habits, we can be more energetic, confident and happier. We can do some transition in our food habits and make an exercise regime to have a healthy body, mind and soul.

What does usually come to your mind when you hear the word “spirit” or “soul”? Few people do believe that these terms mean something which is invisible and illustrious that exists within us. They believe that after death this invisible part of our human body leaves the body and further stays alive. But as per science, the human spirit is considered to be a part of the mental ability of various powers such as judgement, insight, intellect, passion, fear, emotions and creativity. If we keep our body and mind healthy, our spirit or say inner self will be inevitably in peace and harmony.

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