If You Are The Dad Of A Girl, You Know How These Things Are?

A daughter is called the daddy’s biggest pride. Famous messages do the round in social networks that if as a parent you want a home while you get old, you must be proud of your daughter because she will never throw you away in some old age homes. A daughter becomes a woman and then a mother and thus no one can better understand the love and care like the way she does. So, as a father of daughters you must be understanding these following facts.

Nail art and hairdo:

Being the good daddy you know what is called a nail art and how much effort it takes to get the hair done without making her cry and shriek in pain due to tangles. You take pride in getting that braids done or painting her cute little nails with colors.

You are the number one hero:

No matter how much you scold her but you will always remain her number one hero. She may be now of marriageable age and you are trying to find a nice match for her. She is rejecting all these offers because she wants someone like you. However, you make her understand about love and marriage but she would not settle down until and unless she find someone so dignified, responsible, loving, and caring like you.

You want her to expand your business empire:

Yes she is a girl but you hold the firm belief that she is your daughter and that’s why she is the only one who can take your business empire forward and not her would-be or husband.  I read somewhere that behind every successful girl is a dad who believed in her and not the society. As his darling daughter, you must prepare a cakes for father’s day and pay a tribute to him. Because if it wasn’t is faith on you, you would have never succeeded so much.

Being patient with her boyfriends:

Being a modern thinker, you know when and where to give your girl the freedom she loves to enjoy. But till today when she brings in her boyfriend (s), you get a little harsh on that person. Because you are just concerned about your daughter’s heart and anyone who even tries to break it, becomes your enemy. But whatever you do or say to that boy or man, is just a test for him.

Witness to a mom-daughter quarrel:

Now, when the mom and daughter are fighting with each other, you cannot really take anyone’s side – right? Both of them would misunderstand you for taking sides. So, you must be escaping this kind of occasions. Later on, you never skip talking to your darling daughter because you understand her better than anyone else. That’s why you are her best friend.

Habit of saving money for her marriage:

This is a lifelong dream of any daddy to see his little angel walk the aisle to the altar. And since her birth, a good daddy saves money for that one big day.

Raise a toast to your daddy because he is the best man you would ever see in your journey to life. SO on occasions like father’s day, don’t forget to get him asendfather’s day cake Online.

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