Famous Golfers Who Can Inspire You

If you are interested in a career in golfing, or simply want to be skilled at it for whatever reason, it can help to look up to influential and famous figures in this sport. There are many famous golfers with inspiring stories, and you can look up to them and learn from them in order to improve upon your own skills.

Jason Day is an Australian golfer who has had many victories on PGA and European tours, and he has also won the BMW Championship, which actually was his childhood dream. He was born into an impoverished family and lost his father, who died of stomach cancer, at a very young age. However, he rose above all of his struggles and became the youngest player to win a Nationwide Tour Event when he was 19.


Jarrod Lyle is another famous golfer with an inspirational story. He was diagnosed with leukemia when he was in the very prime of his career in golf. He had to go through two years of chemotherapy, but he actually managed not to ultimately lose his strength and abilities in the sport, as he won the Nationwide Tour twice. He then ended up having to deal with cancer again, but again made a comeback as well. Ben Hogan had another somewhat similar inspirational story, in that when he had already won more than 50 tournaments, he ended up in a terrible car accident that broke several bones in his body and ended up handicapping him. According to his doctors, he would likely never even walk again. However, he not only walked again but ended up making an amazing comeback in golf and won six major tournaments within only nine total starts. Jack Newton is another golfer with an inspiring story in the face of physical adversity; his body was sliced by the propeller of a plane at the Sydney Airport, causing him to lose his right eye and right arm. However, he still managed to do everything he could to excel in the game of golf in any way possible. He became an accomplished commentator and has been a major force within the world of golf in Australia. Steven Bowditch is another one of the famous golfers who has overcome tremendous adversity, as he had to deal with extreme clinical depression. However, he still achieved two victories in the PGA Tour.

Lydia Ko is notable because she is unique in the world of golf, due to the fact that she is a woman who has achieved incredible success in a sport that has traditionally been dominated by men. At age 17, she became the youngest No. 1 golfer, and since then, she has provided encouragement to many children of both genders, as well as tips in order to improve their scores.

Arnold Palmer is possibly the best known of all of these golfers. He has won 92 championships on both national and international levels. He has done a lot for the reputation of the sport and has offered many valuable tips to novice golfers as well.

As you can see, there are many famous golfers who have inspirational backstories. The stories can be inspiring to not only people who want to achieve in golf, but achieve in life as well.


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