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 Designer swimwear has always been the purview of designers from Italy or France, for wearing on the Riviera or down the Amalfi Coast. But not nearly enough is said about UK designer swimwear. In the UK, the birthplace of sartorial excellence, swimwear never really became as big as other kinds of clothing. That’s because the weather is more temperamental and the UK was a place of formal attire. Gentlemen’s suits, ladies ball gowns and the traditional outfits of admirals, explorers, Duchesses and society ladies were the speciality of London and Savile Row. But this isn’t the case anymore!

Britain’s sartorial excellence expands beyond the traditional things you think of these days and the later 20th Century and the 21st Century have brought us some of the most cutting-edgedesigns for casual wear and swimwear fashion you’ve ever encountered. People like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have been the names to look out for if you want something that is too edgy or daring for most to wear. If you are brave with your fashion choices, its designers from London that really make it happen, easily rivalling their contemporaries in Milan, Paris and New York.

So, what names should be earmarked and remembered from the swimwear world specifically that do excellent fashion for the UK market, and are based here in Old Blighty themselves? Let’s look at some of these brands and what they specialise in.

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If you want high fashion, the brand Forever Unique comes to mind. It’s a newer fashion house, founded within the last decade, but with a passion and intelligence that has catapulted them to the forefront of any journal’s recommendations of superb British talent. Forever Unique wanted to do something quite specific, namely to put innovation first. Their beachwear fashion is aimed primarily at this, and it shows. It makes them trend setters and not trend followers. If you want big and bold British fashion swimwear on your holiday this year, look no further.

If you are looking for an affordable brand, then the first name that comes to mind would be Pour Moi. Now, this designer is not a big name at London Fashion Week, but they are a young and upcoming brand and they offer some amazing fashion options for patriotic Britons that want to wear something that’s designed here in the UK. Pour Moi are an amazing choice for mid-range items or more affordable bikinis and swimsuits still. They have conventional and unadorned items as well as ones that are true fashion items that are as innovative and creative as anything from a more well-known fashion brand. For those who want to look great without having to remortgage the house, Pour Moi are for you.

And the third choice for this list of great UK designer swimwear is Clover Lewis. So, what are they all about, exactly? Well, Clover Lewis have done something amazing bear beachwear fashion, namely they have made a range of mastectomy swimwear that is completely indistinguishable from other kinds of swimwear. There range is comprised of items that are supportive or enhancing for women who have had a mastectomy, which is something previously relegated to specialist designers. It’s never been a fashion-conscious area of design, until Clover Lewis came along. They have truly changed the industry for the better in that respect and if you need mastectomy bikinis or mastectomy swimsuits, but don’t want the same old conventional fashion choices, then anyone in the know will point you in the direction of Clover Lewis.

There are so many designers out there from Britain that make amazing swimwear, but these are just a few of those names. They are some of the amazing and dedicated designers and you’ll easily find an item of designer’s swimwear you love this some, right here in your very own nation. Browse designer swimwear here, at UK Swimwear, one of the UK’s leading online suppliers.

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