Beauty Pageant Winner Lia Kees Launches Her Pet Project

Lia Kees, best known as the 2016 winner of Miss Europe – World Next Top Model pageant, recently launched her pet project called Models Weekend. The website of the project is all set to be launched soon, and the model discussed the purpose and overall prospects of the same in a recent press release.

March 26, 2017

Lia Kees is a celebrated model in the fashion world. She has featured on several covers of coveted Playboy magazine and has worked in many regions, including in magazines of Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany. In a short time, Kees has created a profile that speaks of her incredible talent and amazing personality.  Through a recent PR release, she announced her project – Models Weekend (website at, which aims to help young women and models for their fashion career and business.

“I firmly believe that the modern woman is capable of so many things. After working in the industry for years, I know that many young girls still don’t know how to take things ahead, despite having some fantastic ideas. I have launched his website with the intention of helping them with everything. This is not just a pet project. It is more like a mission, where I want to educate and help women, not just for their modeling careers but also for business and other things related to the fashion industry. I will be personally supervising everything in this project. I hope more women take up careers in the glamor, now that they have guidance and assistance,” she said in a statement.

Models Weekend will have a complete team of makeup artists, modeling coaches, lifestyle coaches, photographers and other professionals, who will train and groom young women and professionals for their fashion careers. Kees will also offer her personal tips and advice to participating girls, who can choose to start their professional lives as models, entrepreneurs, makeup artists or anything they want to be.

Kees intends to start the website within the next month, and the project is expected to roll with a big launch event. More announcements are likely soon.


Lia Kees is a famed model and the winner of Miss Europe – World Next Top Model pageant 2016. Known for her looks and incredible experience on the runways, she has worked with some of the leading magazines and fashion designers in her career. Her talent has been noted by many leading publications and blogs, and she recently launched her own business of grooming girls.

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