About Lake Como

Lake Como’s amazing natural beauty has a particular effect on visitors, summed up in words like calming, inspiring, relaxing and reinvigorating. Lake Como is set in Italy. Because Italy is nestled in Europe, it’s easily identifiable as a nation in Europe and mostly referred to many as the one, which looks like a boot.

Where is Lake Como?

Lake Como is a form of a glacial lake located in Lombardy. It’s the third biggest lake in Italy, coming after Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. This is one of the deepest lakes in Europe and it’s more than 400 meters deep, the bottom approximately 200 meters below sea level with being fed by the Adda River.

One of the many pleasures of spending your holiday at Lake Como is to take a tour of the villas that have been transformed from old family homes into classic and luxury museums and hotels. Not just do the villas offer an insight into the rich culture, history, and society of the region, but also the landscaped gardens offer some of the best designs, which have influenced the other parts of the world. Villa del Balbianella, Villa d’Este, Villa Melzi and Villa Carlotta are amongst some of the sought-after locations to visit.

The town of Como is the biggest on the Lake and offers the best a diverse town has to offer, while still storing much of its beautiful architecture and historical character. Since the Bronze age, until now, you can still observe the walls, which are fortified the ancient village, which was commissioned by the great Julius Caesar.

Needless to say, excellent wine and food are always available within the area. As a matter of fact, local standards for cuisine and wine are extremely high so you really can look forward to dining well no matter where you plan to eat.

When Is The Best Time to Go Holiday in Lake Como?

The best time to visit Lake Como is anytime between the month of March and October. The same with any holiday destination, it is important that you have a good hotel that will accommodate you with your entire trip. This is where Grand Hotel Tremezzo comes in the picture. With more than 100 years of history, the iconic luxury hotel is nestled in the heart of Lake Como, along with unsurpassed views of Grigne mountain, and views of Bellagio.

Visitors could take in a different view of the town as well as the Lake through riding the cable car up to one of the hillside towns. If you want to discover the area a little further, Brunate offers a good base for trekking into the Alps and explore wildlife, alpine flowers, and more spectacular mountain sceneries. The views back to Lake Como from the summit of Monte Boletto are legendary.

While Lake Como is no doubt makes a perfect holiday destination, it also makes a great stopover point when traveling Northern Italy. A lot of visitors prefer the area to get a rest taste of culture and life of Northern Italy.

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