2017 Festival Fashion Guide

Sun’s up, it’s sparkling, degrees chosen to go along with it and go high too, fowls are singing their tunes, I’ve swapped my winter coats for less thicker outwear… so summer’s basically thumping at the door, you know what I mean?

What’s more, allow me to reveal this to you – two things will happen for many of us once the warmth is here to stay. 1) Weekends outside will be going down regularly, and 2) Events –music festivals! – will pour in their fun everywhere on our weekends and summer days.

In case you couldn’t guess by the wealth of fringe and floral patterns, festival fashion season is upon us, and it’s a great opportunity to quit fooling around about what to pack—everybody realizes that what you wear to a music fest is similarly as vital as the music you see and events you go to.

Festival Fashion Tips.

To prepare you, Alien Closet is ready to exhibit festival style and share our must-have things and tips for hitting festivals in style.

Whenever possible, pack universal things—like fringe jacketto throw over your crop top or kimono—that can top off your look all through the whole music fest.

If you’re going to Bonnaroo, then you’ll be on the go throughout the day and going to events at night. Make things simple on yourself and decide on lightweight, looseclothing, similar to a romper, so you can just swap out your shoes without switching up your whole outfit.

Crop Tops. Shorts. Minis. 

Bare legs are a noteworthy hit at music festivals, cause they’re comfortable, cool, and look hot. On top of that, the festival uniform is none other than a couple of shorts.

Mini skirts, rompers, floral shorts everything works. They look unfathomably seductive and bohemian and chic, and feel good. I LOVE mini rompers and mini skirts, particularly the high waisted tube styles, or the creased coy ones. They look fab matched with a crop top.

To make it even more fun, look for some alien themed gear. Alien Closet has a whole collection of tops perfect for the festival season, with psychedelic and tie dye patterns.

Rock out in a Bodysuit.

Anything trimmed is ideal for music festivals, from free styles to fitted, to bustiers, bras, bathing suits – this is the ideal opportunity to parade them. I cherish them matched with totally anything. Furthermore, they look astonishing against extremely intense lips and crazy shades.

Accessorize for extra cool points.

Go for offbeat vibes, since you may have those occasions when you’d rather simply wear all dark, or all-white, or all-cocoa to a show, and you’d rather not wear busters, and maxi dresses, and cool lips and that kind of stuff, so… bold accessories that look fab will add character to your outfit.

Final thoughts.

The best thing about fashion at music festivals is that guidelines truly don’t exist, you can cross off any do’s and don’ts and do your own thing. There is one noteworthy mystery: FUN.

It’s about the enjoyment at the occasion, it’s about the coolness of summer, the music, the companions, the sun, the travel, the hues, the styles – and ALL of this is reflected in what you wear.

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