12 Hairstyle Hacks To Look Beautiful On The Go

All of us girls have those days when hair remains the most forgotten thing while getting ready for an outing. Either we hardly have any motivation to make any effort to make our hair look better, or we haven’t got time to wash it! But looking presentable is important, irrespective of whether you have the time or motivation to do it. The problem is, we all understand that when you go out and face the world, you must look good, as that is one of the things which can make you feel really good about yourself!

I will give you some incredibly simple hacks to do your hair on the go. These will also work equally well on occasions when you have dirty hair! These 20 hairstyle hacks will help you make you feel good about yourself even if you have to leave your house in a great hurry.

  1. This can be done within half a minute. Split your hair into two ponies, tie the two parts with each other into 2-3 knots, and slide in a hairpin.
  2. To get curls on your hair within minutes, just split them and put curlers into both parts. Ta daa!
  3. It’s already late in the night and have very little time to clean your dirty hair for an early morning meeting. Just apply dry shampoo to it before going to bed and you are sorted.
  4. Use a hot air brush to dry your hair and style it at the same time. You are ready quickly.
  5. Pull up your wilting ponytail by quickly pushing in two bobby pins in your hair.
  6. Just pull over an elastic hairband and roll your long hair around its back end behind you.
  7. Another way of using the same elastic hairband in an interesting way is by hiding more than half the band by tucking in your long hair into it. That way, the hairband holds the hair and the hair hold the hairband.
  8. The easiest and the most popular one. If your hair are even shoulder length, you can tie it into a bun with a small bough, without having to use bobby pins.
  9. If your hair look greasy and undesired shape, just hold your head under the sink tap to help your hair open up temporarily.
  10. If you have messy hair and no time to clear it, tie a messy bun in 3 easy steps to make it look perfectly stylish.
  11. Make your ponytail look fuller with a hidden butterfly clip.
  12. Make a twisty bun within hardly a minute. Make your hair into two ponies. Braid each of them roughly and put them into each other to get that twisty bun.

So next time give it a second before you stick your healthy hair up in a ponytail feeling bad about having left with too little time to do anything better with your hair that is a dirty mess!

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