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Doom Eternal’s smashing Trailer

Ever since the New Doom Eternal footage came out, gamers all over the world have been going crazy. Eternal Doom which is to be released on November 22, 2019, has shaken the fans with its fast-paced action sequence and its captivating characters. The game was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 by its publisher.

The trailer was revealed at QuakeCon  2018 receiving tremendous responses from the audience. If you have the question of what to expect from this new upgrade, then you’ll find your answers right here.

The savage game The Doom began in 1993  and it has been keeping the gamers on the edge. With gripping actions and gory scenes, it has taken us to a different level of gaming, giving the gamers an enthralling experience. The success of The Doom was followed by the release of many modernistic upgradations like Doom 2, Doom-3: Resurrection of Evil.

One of the winning elements in this game has gotta be The Slayers and their inevitable weapons. Not only The Slayers but also the Devils (enemies) also deserve a special mention. The gameplay is all about slaying the aliens or “the evils” and saving the earth from an apocalypse. The violent and speedy gameplay won-over many audiences.

This spectacular up-gradation has many new features to excite the fans. The Slayer is gonna have more speed than the previous game and he is now equipped with a hefty cannon on his left shoulder. It also comes with armaments of weapons to choose from like The crucible, Arm Blade, Ballista, etc..   Another catchy addition is an extra life system. This time it has been confirmed to have twice as many characters than The Doom. Abominable monsters like Hell Knight, Gargoyle,etc.. will be a part of it.

So here comes the smashing Doom Eternal challenging all the frenzied gamers out there for an electrifying experience with its stunning, meticulous characters (Slayers) and their combative techniques. Keep the anticipation beating towards the release of this badass game.