The benefits of using a beauty sponge

If you are the type of person who really enjoys using makeup to display your personality, then you may always be interested in finding different ways to apply it to have the best possible effect. If you are thinking about buying a silly sponge then you should be glad to know that there are lots of people who have great things to say about them – and their silisponge has very much become a part of their makeup routine. This blog will tell you about the benefits of using a beauty sponge, so that you can decide whether you would like to invest in one for your own use.


More sizes and shapes than in the past

Back in the day when beauty sponges had only just really been discovered, you would have been lucky if you could find anything other than a triangular wedge to apply your makeup with. Although these did have their benefits, too, the new shapes and sizes that are available on the market allow you to do much more, meaning that there is a sponge for everything that you might want to do with your makeup.

Cheaper than brushes

If you replace your makeup application tools regularly, like you should, then you may be put off by the fact that brushes can often cost so much money to replace. The good news about sponges is that they are a lot cheaper to replace, meaning that you can enjoy a new sponge on a more regular basis, making it less likely that you will be spreading bacteria on your face.

Easy to clean

With brushes, you always have to make sure that you’re cleaning them carefully thanks to the fact that there is always the risk that the bristles could be damaged during the cleaning process. With a sponge, it is often as simple as washing them through in warm water and then leaving them to dry – and as long as you do this properly, there shouldn’t be any negative effects of washing them through at all. This is great if you don’t have very much time for washing your tools, as you can do it much more quickly.

More comfortable to use

Many people find that applying makeup with a brush is just too harsh on the skin, and can cause some kind of irritation. This simply isn’t an issue with a sponge, and it allows gentle application of your makeup, meaning that it will be able to sit perfectly without you having to worry about it causing any irritation or redness that detracts from the overall look of your makeup.

Generally, you should find that makeup sponges are a really great addition to your beauty bag – because they have so many uses, and are easy to use and clean. It is always a good idea to have some handy, as this means that you’re never without one, so no matter what look you would like to go for, you should find that you are able to achieve it.

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