How your makeup blog could get you free products

We all like to get free things from time to time, and if you have a passion for makeup then you may have decided that you would like to flaunt your makeup brush set uk made for all to see by starting up a blog. No matter whether you choose to show off your rose gold makeup brushes or you prefer to blog in another style, there are a few ways in which you can use your blog to get free products – and we explain how below.

What’s in it for the manufacturers

If your blog has a lot of traffic, then any mention of a product that people could buy is likely to be influential, and because of this companies may be willing to give you some of their things for free if it means that other people are going to see it. Giving away a few free samples can often be a great thing to do if there is an audience, and for this reason it is certainly something that companies think about when it comes to their own personal marketing strategy.

Try requesting freebies for product reviews

If you know that you have lots of traffic to your blog, then getting in touch with companies directly could be the best way to go. You could plan to do a series of honest product reviews, and in return companies may be willing to provide you with the products to review. A positive review from a blog that gets a lot of traffic really can be an excellent way for companies to build up their exposure, so it could work well for them.

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Offer giveaways

The thing that companies rely on the most is the repeat custom from those who they have sold to in the past, and it is always good to have an opportunity to have new people on the sales list whenever possible. So, if you are planning a giveaway, you may find that companies are more than willing to give you some products to give away, as this means that you can help them to spread the word of their products even further than before. Also, the nature of giveaways means that there is often a lot of sharing on social media, which can spread the message even further. Not only this, but you will often find with giveaways that the people who don’t win the products still want to own them – so providing that they’re not a huge amount of money, they may well decide to buy them for themselves anyway, therefore making the marketing strategy even more effective.

In general, owning a blog can certainly open the door for you when it comes to being able to get freebies that you are going to enjoy owning. You may even want to start targeting your blog towards the freebies that you would like to receive – and you will more than likely start to notice that once a company has chosen to support you, they will continue to do so.

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