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Golden Necklace

A golden necklace for ladies: The trends

Yellow gold is very popular again, thanks to the popularity of vintage jewelery. A gold chain is a beautiful and elegant accessory for ladies. We briefly outline the trends but have you found a nice necklace yet? Trends have come back and today, golden necklace

Imitation Jewelry

How to know if your gems are real or imitation

Do you want to know if your jewelry is real or imitation? We’re going to talk about detecting if your gems are real or imitation. Real gems usually have small defects, scratches, taps that have suffered over time, while imitation gems will have a perfect

wedding ring

7 tips for choosing the wedding ring

There is a nice wedding ring for everyone, but how do you find out which ring suits you best? Read our blog with the 7 tips for choosing the perfect ring. You wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, therefore it must

neck trim

Some considerations in choosing a neck trim

Nowadays chains are no longer just chains and those who want to be up-to-date with his or her necklace need to know which types exist and which chains should not be missing in jewelry collection. From precious necklaces with sparkling diamonds, through solid gold and