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Comparison Between GetResponse and Pinpointe

Email marketing has taken a new shape. Instead of being the stubborn static email carrying un-interactive information, an email has evolved into a new concept where the content has gone dynamic, interactive, lead capturing, converting social media sharing and they have been added to the

wedding ring

7 tips for choosing the wedding ring

There is a nice wedding ring for everyone, but how do you find out which ring suits you best? Read our blog with the 7 tips for choosing the perfect ring. You wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, therefore it must

neck trim

Some considerations in choosing a neck trim

Nowadays chains are no longer just chains and those who want to be up-to-date with his or her necklace need to know which types exist and which chains should not be missing in jewelry collection. From precious necklaces with sparkling diamonds, through solid gold and

leather jacket

The leather jacket: a timeless piece of clothing

A leather jacket is a basic garment that is indispensable in your wardrobe. leather jackets are timeless and you can combine them endlessly. Leather jackets have zip and can also be chic at the same time; they give your outfit a stylish boost! A leather


Shape each face into the correct shape: The tips

With makeup you can manipulate the face shape. By shaping and highlighting you can correct the face where necessary and better proportionate. With light, shadows and color, you accentuate the strong points and you wove the weaker points. This article give tips about oval, round,


How to choose the best sunglasses for you

Do you know which sunglasses suit you best? Choosing sunglasses is not easy when you know how many models, colors and sizes there are. To facilitate the choice, here is a small guide! Do not follow the trends blindly Ask yourself if that supertrendy model

Business Dress

Business dress: Basic principles for men

After a recent research into their workwear to companies, I have discovered that there is quite a variety of clothing cultures. From casual to formal and everything in between. There are organizations with strict regulations, there are those that deal more smoothly. In some companies,