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Why are we so interested in celebrities?

I love a good date. One of my favorite of all time is Mark Twain: “If I wrote this long letter, it was because I did not have time to make it shorter,” he once told a friend. It is a wonderful irony that I


Who dresses the stars in Hollywood?

From Julia Robert to Madonna via Scarlett Johansson, who decides which outfits the stars will wear on the red carpet? No, it’s not the celebrities themselves but stylists who know exactly which outfit will cause a sensation. Although we like to think that the Hollywood

celebrity eating habits

4 strange famous celebrities’ eating habits

Successful people follow certain daily rituals that allow them to stay aligned and free their minds to think about more important things. But some of these habits, particularly food habits, are quite strange. Here we share the most unique eating habits of highly successful people:

celebrities in wax

The politics of the celebrities in wax

In an era in which the public has a more complicated relationship with celebrities, in which they demand to know everything about their lives, what use are the wax figures that replicate these stars? We’re talking about Madame Tussauds museums and what’s happening in the