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How to care for the beard?

You already know that the new trend in men is to wear long and bushy beards and the question of the million is: How to care for the beard? This look comes from the culture “HIPSTER” and it is an urban phenomenon where men are


7 beauty tips for today’s women

Today, many women are “more busy” than ever. Getting to everything effectively is just a matter of organization and priorities. However, our beauty care is usually left aside, and you may reach a point where you will find yourself less attractive. But, quiet, today we


Shape each face into the correct shape: The tips

With makeup you can manipulate the face shape. By shaping and highlighting you can correct the face where necessary and better proportionate. With light, shadows and color, you accentuate the strong points and you wove the weaker points. This article give tips about oval, round,

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How to solve skin problems around your eyes

Skin condition is your ultimate beauty determinant. This article will explain some skin problems around the eyes that affect your beauty and its solutions. The problematic skin around the eyes Dark circles After long nights with very little sleep, the dark circles under the eyes