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What to Look For When Buying an Industrial Label Printer?

Planning to buy an Industrial Label printer? There are a few things you can’t overlook while buying one as this is going to cost you in the future. There are two types of label printers- Portable label printers and Desktop label printers. If you need it remotely, go for a portable one and if you need it on a fixed desk then you can go for a desktop one. So let’s begin with the things you should know before buying an industrial label printer.

  1. Print Resolution:

Print resolution is a factor that decides how clear and bright the image, letters or numbers are going to appear on the label. Print resolution is measured in Dots per Inch (DPIs).

Portable label printers comes in 3 different resolutions- 180 DPI, 203 DPI, and 360 DPI.

Desktop label printers also come in 3 different resolutions- 203 DPI, 300 DPI, and 600 DPI.

  1. Print Speed

Print speed is very important as whatever number of labels you have to print daily, the time taken will be less if the speed will be fast for the printer. But the cost of the printer depends largely on the speed, the more the speed the costlier the printer. So, choose a printer that is efficient and in your budget. The speed of the printer is determined by mm or inch per second.

  1. Ease of Use

All the printers come with a user manual that is used not more than a coaster. Print menus could be difficult to find making the printing options difficult to find and use. Make sure that you learn about the ease of using by watching the demo videos online. You can also go to the market and get a live demo of the printers and then compare which one is more easy to use. These days, you can also book a demo at your office or home and don’t need to go to the market. Reading the testimonials and reviews of the product online also helps you determine the quality of the product. Whatever you do, make sure to choose the printer that is user-friendly and not too complicated to handle.

  1. Connectivity

The connectivity of the printer is very important. You should always check how the printer connects to an outside source for data input. USB is very common for connecting a printer. These days, almost all the printers come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Desktop label printers also come with LAN (Local Area Network) ethernet cable, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), External Keyboard, and External Scanner (Barcodes, RFID) connectivity.

  1. Other Accessories

There are some other accessories that come with almost all the label printers, like Power Adaptor, Connector Cables, Supplies, Software, and User Manual.

  1. Warranty

Though we have covered this point in the last it is the most crucial thing while buying a printer. All the printers come with a warranty but there are different items that are included in the warranty. Generally, the printer, power adaptor, wear and tear, factory defects, software, and maintenance should be covered in both portable and desktop label printer.

  1. Technical Support

Technical Support ensures that you will be provided the help from the knowledgeable technicians who are familiar with the functioning of the printer along with the software used with the printer.

Bottom Line

As we already suggested, always buy a good quality printer. There are a lot of websites out there from where you can get your printers like Atlantic Scale and many other or even you can buy it directly from the store.