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Branded Medications and Their Generics

Many branded medicines have their generic versions available. You need to understand what Generic drugs are and that they are safe to take, effective and also FDA approved, and you can use them with complete trust.

Branded Medicines

The original drug that has been developed by a pharmaceutical company is known as branded medicine. When anywhere a medicine is developed for any serious disease or minor problem, this medicine goes through a long process and a thorough evaluation to make sure that the medicine is safe for human consumption and also that it cures the condition effectively that it claims to do. Then after going through these parameters and getting a green card to manufacture the medicine, these pharmaceutical companies get the patent on their name to become the sole producer of the medicine. They have the sole right to produce and sell the medicine for a given time and no other pharmaceutical company can produce any similar medicine during that period. And the reason that we all trust mostly on the branded medicines is that when a medicine gets the patent, the technical description of the medicine is completely genuine and is safe to use.

Sun Pharmaceuticals is a one of the pioneers in pharmaceutical industry that develops both branded and generic drugs. The company is present in more than 150 countries.

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Generic Medicines

Now, what is generic medicine? In simple words, it is a copy of the original branded medicine. When the medicine is no more in the patent period, i.e., the patent of the medicine has run out, the other pharmaceutical companies are authorized to develop the similar version of the original branded medicine. The quality and the quantity of the active ingredient in the generic medicines is same as that in the branded medicine but the inactive ingredients are changed a bit that give it a different look, color, and shape. The generic medicines are sold by a name that is different from the original one.

Advantages of Generic Medicines

The most important advantage of using the generic drugs is its cost-effectiveness. No generic medicines can mark a price higher than the original branded medicine and thus these medicines are often cheaper. So the consumer has to pay a lesser price for the similar medicine.

Some branded medicines are very expensive that people cannot afford and thus have to skip the medicines or completely stop the medication. And in most of the cases, not taking a complete course of medication can result in negative health effect. Having a cheaper option available does make it financially easier for a lot of people to complete their medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

However, due to lack of trust in the generic medicines, most people prefer having the original branded medicines to the generic medicines. But here it is important to note that the generic medicine is also being thoroughly tested by the pharmaceutical company and the TGA. These medicines are exchangeable with the branded one. The inactive ingredients that are different from the original one do not have any negative effect unless you have an allergy or intolerance to any of the ingredients. However, if your doctor instructs you that the prescribed medicines should not be substituted, then you should strictly follow the prescription.

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Over to You

Though there are lots of platforms these days that deliver the medicines directly to your place, a trusted name is something that we all look for. Especially, if you are ordering generic medicines then it is safe and convenient to order it from a reputable online pharmacy.

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