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Best Features Of The Apple Watch That You Are Going To Like

The Apple Watch has been a buzzword in the world of tech even before it released. There were many speculations as well as rumors about the wearable device from Apple. It was supposed to be a device that compliments your existing iDevice and makes your life easier by helping you get most of the stuff on your wrist instead of taking out your phone again and again.

The Apple Watch is available for $350 and upwards and this device comes with some great features that we are going to mention in this post. Let us take a look at these features one by one and have a look at the features.

Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone 6 then the Apple Watch will help you make payment across hundreds of outlets that accept Apple Pay. But what about those who have an iPhone 5, 5c or 5S? Well, Apple Watch brings the same functionality to those users as well. The Apple Watch comes with NFC so all you need to do is double tap the button on the side of the dial and then hold the card that comes up on the screen and take the Apple Watch closer to the terminal and the payment will be done and you will be able to listen to a beep sound and feel a small vibration on your wrist.

Novel Digital Crown

We all know Apple is a company that is known to design great user interfaces. The Apple Watch has a touchscreen that is great and responsive as well. I suggest you to apply one of those screen protectors and you can check the Apple Watch Screen Protectors Here.

Anyway, coming back to the crown, the crown provides a great way to navigate on the Apple Watch. The crown acts like a home button. Pressing it anywhere will bring you back on the home screen and you can use it to zoom into apps or to scroll inside the apps.

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The Apple Watch comes with a heart rate sensor which is quite functional and it also comes with many apps that are able to keep track of your health and physical condition. There’s an activity app that is collecting the data about you all the time about your movements and other activities and it prompts and encourages you to do some specific actions like it will ask you to stand up and walk around a bit if you have been sitting too long.

Fully Native & Functional apps

Apple Watch will be having native and functional apps that Apple showcased in the Apple Watch launch event. You will be able to do things like call a cab using Uber, use Instagram on your Apple Watch, Tweet directly from your Apple Watch and a lot of things. Apps from Instagram, Uber, At Bat, Nike+ Running, OpenTable, Shazam, Twitter, and WeChat have been showcased and more will be released.

Digital Touch Communication

Ever hoped you could send your heartbeat to someone you love?

Well, apparently some developer or engineer at Apple thought it would be a cool idea and hence this feature was born. You can draw a smiley or emoji on the Apple Watch screen and send it to a contact. You can have the heart rate sensor capture your pulse and send it to your loved ones so when they receive it, they will feel a gentle buzz which will be in sync with your pulse. You can also send sound recordings and fragments. Sounds cool, right?


Apple watch is a great wearable device that perfectly complements the iDevice the users have. I mentioned some great features of the Apple Watch and also mentioned that you can have a screen protector on the screen. You can take a look at 0.1mm Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch.