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5 Best Apps for Sports Lovers

The world of sports is quite huge and widespread. If you are a sports lover, you would indeed love to spend hours together on following what is happening in the world of sports. If you are one of those who cannot live without feeding on the sports news and happenings, you would indeed need a few sports apps. We list a few excellent options you can use for extensive knowledge and experience of the sports that you love.

Top 5 Best Apps for Sports Lovers

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Instead of going through multiple sources for quenching your thirst for sports, how about opting for a single source for all your information? We list out the best options for your needs. Choose the one that best meets your expectations.

#1. LiveScore

Are you someone who is interested in following the day to day scores of your favourite games? Then LiveScore would be the best option for your needs. It is a completely focussed on scores and offers you a faster update on scores of different games across the world. In fact, it does not go into the regular updates about the player analysis or other related sports news. You can choose your favourite sport and get the scores unlimited.

#2. Ladbrokes

Do you refer to the betting sites quite often for acquainting yourself with what’s new in the online betting arena? In that case, Ladbrokes is the best option you can opt for. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, you also have access to a mobile website as well. It is indeed one of the best betting apps you can opt for if you are looking ahead for the unique features in terms of betting. Multiple banking options, live betting and live to stream and featured bets are a few features you will love with the Ladbrokes App.

#3. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is indeed the home for all sporting action. It has everything you would look ahead to in a sports app. Get all the news, scores and fixtures in one place. Follow any sport to your heart’s content. It can detect your current location and provide you with a regional update as well. They cover a variety of sports and leagues and offer you a complete information all the information at one place.

#4. ESPN

Well, ESPN is what every sports lover across the globe is aware of. They have been transmitting events across the globe. You will get complete information about last minute scores, news, live streaming and many more features built into one single app. It covers a wide range of sports including football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, cricket, and other games. You also have access to podcasts and video recordings.

#5. Yahoo! Sports

Yet another excellent sports-based app, it is yet another addition that any sports lover would not want to miss out on. The app can use the geolocation feature to provide you with regional updates. You can be assured of the real-time updates about the sporting events that you love. You also have access to text alerts and options for breaking news options.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few great apps you can use if you are a sports lover. The services and features provided by these apps should ideally meet all your needs. If you really want to keep up with the sporting events happening around the world, do have access to the apps we have listed above for your exact requirements

Analyse all the options we have enlisted above and chosen the best sports app that exactly meets your needs.