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All about Hosts Files

What is a Hosts file?

Hosts files are the files which store information about a specific computer system on the network. It essentially maps the hostname which is nothing but the proper name of any computer and its internet protocol address.

Each and every time when you start typing the domain name, the browser would, without human intervention,   be connected to the server of Domain name system of the Internet service provider and the DNS will inform your Browser the Domain Name and the IP Address.

For instance:

If you type the  in the URL, the browser will be automatically connected to the browser, and it would be informing the browser of your Internet service provider the proper and perfect address of Facebook. Thus your browser will come to know where the exists. This will automatically mail the application to face book’s official website and these all things will be in a jiffy.

If someone does not want one’s browser to have a connection with the ISP always, he can just enter the domain name, and the table will turn, the hosts file will play the lead role in that case. Whenever you enter the domain name and Ip address of the domain name, the browser would first of all search the hosts file and find the entry of the same. Thus it will map the proper entry of domain name. Therefore it is a secure way to map your browser to the wanted IP Address instead of contacting the Domain Name System server of Internet Service Provider.

What are the Locations to find these Hosts Files?

If you are a user of Windows or onwards the simply go to “C/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts.”

In case you are a Linux User

For Linux users “/etc/hosts.”

* You must keep this factor in your mind that Hosts files do not contain any extension name.

The Procedure

Go running Window and type “cmd” the window of command prompt will be appearing. After type “ping” and type Domain’s name “for example” after pressing the enter key, it will provide you the Proper address of the website of “” to you.

* It is a Mandatory point that you should be online while you perform this job.

Further Information

What happens when you redirect the user to the site? He or she can be your friend, manager, parent or anybody else.

Is you are holding a respected position as a system administrator in your company and don’t want any user for the network for the purpose to access any portal link take the help of Hosts files.

As per the information given to you, I am now very sure that you must have got the complete information regarding the Hosts Files and you must be able enough to block the site with the help of hosts files. There are some more important tips for you.

Just go to the hosts files and open them with notepad and create every time a new entry for that. Please enter the name of the site by following its domain name. And yes, do not ever forget to save it somewhere in any other place. Now you are ready to play the games with the hosts files any time.

As per now, whenever your browser would be trying to connect with that would be first of all searching the hosts file. Therefore that will be finding the entry for a domain name that will no longer be able enough to contact with the domain name system server for more.