Factors to consider when choosing a DSLR

When it comes to buying a camera, even for a personal use, a DSLR is the type you often seek for. They are becoming themost popular buy because their rates are falling and the manufactures are developing models with more vivid and user friendly features. Out of the many, Nikon and Canon are two most popular brands of DSLR. Both Nikon and Canon camera price in Dubai are reasonable and pocket friendly. In this article we shall take a look at few factors to consider when looking for a DSLR:

·         Price – it is often the first thing to consider, when buying one. Although the rates of these camera   types have decreased a lot, some of them are still pricey. This is especially seen  in a PRO DSLR. You can afford to get a DSLR at a good price, if you consider purchasing it from an online electronic store. For example the canon camera price in Dubai at online stores is around DHS 700.

·         Purpose: the purpose of buying a DSLR must also be known before you buy one. This will help you look for the particular features and accessories you’ll want. You must know        how you will be using it. Whether you want one for general purpose, or for traveling, for sports photography or professional wildlife photography, there are DSLRs for every purpose you need it for.

·         Size: size is another thing you would want to consider before purchasing a DSLR. Although the DSlRs are bulkier than the usual compact point and shoot cameras, but different models   of DSLR vary in size also. Professional photographers are ready to carry around a weighty gear, but if you will be using for on the go photography then you must opt for small and light models.

·         Features: when it comes to the features of a DSLR you will probably be overwhelmed and confused when the models are compared with one another. Some feature like ability to use aperture and shutter, auto or manual focus and   others like these are common to all DSLRs. You might also want features like burst mode, impressive shutter speed, good range of ISO settings etc. in a DSLR.

These were a few of the factors that must be taken into account while buying a DSLR.

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