DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum for Men – A Sillage of Luxury

Who does not love it when a man not only looks good, dresses well but one that smells just as good.

The Duncan Avenue (DA) Aromatherapy introduces a new scent for men that leaves a sillage of pleasant fragrance. The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum brings together a pleasant combination of sandalwood, citrus, cypress and cedar that leaves long lasting notes.

The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum has been prepared using natural essential oil fragrances that are not only luxurious but have amazing soothing benefits.

Scents have a way of inducing positive and fresh feelings. The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum brings this unique combination to make you feel fresh and motivated each time you spray it on.


Sandalwood has been used in aromatherapy for a long time. The scent, often referred to as Chandana, is known to produce a feeling of calm and induce a meditative state. Moreover, the scent lasts for long and gets more pleasant with age.

Sandalwood also has strong connections to mythology where it was known to grow only in heaven’s gardens.

The scent is described as woody, soft and warm. Some even relate it to a balsamic fragrance.


Cedar is commonly used in colognes for men. It is also added to aftershaves. It is known to have several aromatherapy applications. True cedar has a camphoraceous top note along with a woodsy and balsamic undertone. A red cedar is reported to have a sharper scent like a freshly sharpened pencil.


According to Greek people, cypress is known to soothe the mind in times of stress and was also used to calm down mourners. As far as the flavor of the scent is concerned, cypress is associated with smoky and pungent fragrance. Others may additionally describe to have a spicy and pine-like scent.


In the perfume industry, citrus is known to mix well with other fragrances. For example, citrus is often mixed into a combination of strong and heavy scents to give the overall perfume a soft and mild undertone. Citrus is also reported to compliment sandalwood.

The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum has been specially designed for men, providing a spicy, woodsy, and masculine scent. Men are affiliated with using strong fragrances and this is just at the right side of that. The sandalwood, cedar, and cypress add to the heavier and spicy side of the perfume while the citrus blends in to create the perfect balance.

The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum will last long, uplifting your senses all day long. It has a unique combination of essential oils inspired from aromatherapy that improves in fragrance as it ages. You are bound to feel fresh as you spray it on and feel its balance of soft and spicy the entire the day.

The DA has once again outdone itself with this amazing aromatherapy fragrance. The DA Aromatherapy Eau De Parfum will be available in the markets soon.

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