Affordable Leather Watches for the Sharply Dressed Man

Are you shopping for a watch? A watch is an essential piece of jewelry for anyone. If you think about it, most business men and women you see are more than likely wearing a watch. Most of them can even be seen wearing leather watches. But they aren’t the only ones wearing them. Leather watches are an excellent choice that combine elegance and sophistication with durability and functionality. Men look particularly sharp when they add a leather watch to their ensemble. You may think a leather watch is out of your price range, but I have some suggestions for you that will make your wrist and your budget happy. Here are some options for men’s leather watches under 100 dollars:

The Impact by Naviforce

This watch is made of stainless steel and round in shape with a leather band that has a buckle closure. The band comes in 4 different colors: gray, red, white, and yellow. It is water resistant to 3 Bar and shock resistant. Some other nice features included on this watch are auto date and complete calendar. It is regularly priced at $179.00 but is on sale right now for $53.97!

The Maple by bobo

This watch face is housed in a round, wooden casing with a black leather band and a buckle style clasp. It is not water resistant, so be sure to remove it before getting in the shower, a pool, or any other situations where it might get water-logged. Although it does not come in any other colors, with the classic combination of wood and black leather, who needs another option? That combination will pretty much go with any outfit. It is regularly priced at $251.00 but is on sale right now for $59.37!

The Midnight Flight by Biden

This fine piece of wrist jewelry has a face made of stainless steel with a leather band and buckle clasp. It comes in gold and black, silver and black, gold and blue, and finally silver and blue. Any of these color options would work great for adding a sophisticated flare to a gentleman’s appearance. It is water resistant up to 10 Bar and is also shock resistant. Another good thing about this watch is that it also includes auto date and complete calendar. The regular price for this watch is $169.00. Fortunately, it is on sale right now for $50.97!

The Moonlight by WWOOR

This timepiece has a round face and a leather band. It is water resistant to 5 bar and comes in 5 colors: black on black, black on blue, black on white, and brown on white. With those choices, there is something for everyone with this watch. It is normally priced at $169.00, but is currently on sale for $50.97!

Any one of these watches would make a nice addition to either your business suit or your everyday attire. So next time you think you can’t afford to go the stylish route when buying a watch, think again. Shopping for an affordable men’s leather watch isn’t as hard as you might think, you just have to know where to look.

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