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A golden necklace for ladies: The trends

Yellow gold is very popular again, thanks to the popularity of vintage jewelery. A gold chain is a beautiful and elegant accessory for ladies. We briefly outline the trends but have you found a nice necklace yet? Trends have come back and today, golden necklace is what you should consider. The types of jewelry are very varied, but the old and the vintage are becoming trend. There is something very important that women should take into account, and that fashion is a world where variety is the protagonist, because in a season you can find different styles, both in clothing, footwear and accessories. However, the latest collections have focused more on what was used in previous years, for something they say that fashions always come back.

Nowadays, yellow gold is clearly appreciated again. For years we saw that this precious metal was mainly replaced by white gold or platinum. The return of yellow gold can be explained by the popularity of vintage (inspired) jewels. If you are still looking for a beautiful and elegant diamond jewel, as a gift or to wear yourself, we can recommend a gold necklace. Ladies love it. But what are the current tendencies in the area of ​​necklaces? We will go into this in more detail.

Golden Necklace

Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds

What would a nice gold necklace for women be without the necessary diamonds? Right, nothing! A diamond is just part of it. These are nicely put in a nice pendant or médaillon, or processed in the necklace itself. Even more than ever, diamond determines the trend: the more, the better, and the more exclusive. Diamond symbolizes luxury and whatever style it has, the diamond gives the impression of interest. Not everyone can use the diamond and its presence boosts the value of each piece of jewelry.

Fine necklaces

Necklaces are becoming finer, and we can only applaud that. A fine gold necklace for women gives a subtle touch to any outfit, from casual to chic. A fine necklace does not mean that you have to lose glamor. On the contrary, due to its subtlety, it stands out even more, especially when there are (colored) diamonds and / or gems present.

Combine different precious metals

It has been popular for a while to combine different precious metals, and this trend continues. Ladies combine their gold chain with necklaces in red gold, white gold and / or platinum. In short, precious metals may be worn together. Mix yellow- with white gold, or go extravaganter by combining both yellow, white and red gold with platinum. There are no more limits, but we recommend that you only choose fine necklaces with this trend.

Are you looking for a gold necklace for women, then you have come to the right place. Also models in another precious metal are of course possible. Take a look at our extensive collection. If you are interested in or have questions about a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us.