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7 Cool Motivational Apps For Android

Motivation helps us to achieve our goals! It is an interesting psychological theory. If you are working continuously or studying hard, things can get worse at times. Then, the motivation comes to the screen to help you. Motivation always gives us positive energy to complete the task.

Nowadays there are apps for everything. You can do any kind of stuff directly from your smart device. Get surprised as there are motivational apps as well which you can use when you feel demotivated.

As per, you can motivate yourself by doing a few things, and self-motivation is very important.

Recently, I went to Google Play Store to find an app for my own use. I installed and tried many motivation apps. Some I found high-end, some are simple to use. There are four different types of the term for this kind of app – Goal, Milestone, Habit, and Tasks. However, some apps track down all of these terms, where some app focus on the specific term.

Although, there are hundreds of apps for helping you motivate. Here I am sharing with you 7 cool motivation apps for Android that I found useful for me.

  1. Fabulous – Motivate Me!

This app is best of its kind. This app downloaded millions of times and listed as Editors’ choice in play store. Fabulous is a science-based coaching app to help you increase your energy and health, lose weight and sleep better. Furthermore, it helps you to create your healthy habits and routines for your life. In fact, Fabulous app guidance you reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by serving you a step-by-step guide.

Fabulous is not only a powerful app but also a stylish app with a proper user interface and experience. Also, this app has a ‘Rocket Launch’ button on the homepage to help you display only ongoing rituals.

  1. Forest: Stay focused

Are you addicted to your phone or just cannot put it down? Forest app comes to an impressive solution. First, you have to plant a seed in the app and within 30 minutes seed will slowly grow into a tree. But, if you cannot maintain your phone attraction and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will die.

Forest app helps you to stay focused and get more stuff done. It has an option to share your forest and compete with friends. Additionally, you can track your history, earn rewards, unlock more tree species, customize whitelist. Forest apps also provide you browser extensions.

  1. Get S*it Done!

After a few hours of fully motivated, we found ourself watching latest music videos or browsing Facebook. Are you tired of all this delay? Do you need help for up your productivity? This app will assist you to get that shit done.

This app lets you set your goals and goals time. It helps focus on just one goal at a time, without any distractions. With this in mind, it divides your goal into subgoals with a smart break management system. You will have no more excuses left for not to work done.

  1. HabitBull – Habit Tracker

HabitBull app is created for organizing your life. This app lets you set reminders for each and every habit, and displays them on days when you need to be complete. It is especially useful for them who have a to-do list with repeating tasks. Also, it helps you to do the same thing every day. Additionally, you can use this app as a calendar planning tool or checklist.

This habit tracker app can help you to build habits like taking your pills regularly, exercise daily or keep to a diet. It can also helpful for people suffering from amnesia. HabitBull app can be a useful goal tracking tool to you. Also as a smart notebook to help you while breaking bad habits.

  1. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica makes it simple to have fun while stays motivated and organized. This app gives you a gaming experience during finishing goals.

Habitica app offers you to input your habits, goals, and to-do list. Also, you can create a custom avatar for fun. You have to finish tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features like armor, pets, skills, or quests. Moreover, you can fight monsters with friends and use your gold to purchase in-game rewards. Habitica is the gamer way to motivate yourself to achieve anything.

This app currently in beta.

  1. Workout Trainer: fitness coach

This cool app helps you with your fitness goals. Workout Trainer app helps you to get in the best shape with thousands of free workouts and custom training programs.

This trainer app is perfect for them who want to get in shape without any exercise equipment. It specializes in any kind of workout. Moreover, you can use the app to get a six pack, lose weight, develop your running, and more. Workout Trainer is the best app to crush your goals and stay motivated.

  1. Shuffle My Life – Things to do

This app helps you become more friendly, impulsive and skillful. Shuffle My Life app help you discover new places, hobbies, people and more.

This app has task according to weather conditions, season, time of day, and your location. Additionally, it comes to Halloween tasks, snow-based activities, summer fun, things to do outside. It has activities category based on creativity, fitness, knowledge, media, nature, offbeat, productive, social and urban.