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Daily Archives: April 5, 2018


How to care for the beard?

You already know that the new trend in men is to wear long and bushy beards and the question of the million is: How to care for the beard? This look comes from the culture “HIPSTER” and it is an urban phenomenon where men are

Men shoes

Keys to choose men’s shoes

Contrary to women and their multiple accessories to complement a look, in men’s fashion, there is a consensus that points out that the shoe is one of the most basic and essential elements when complementing a man’s wardrobe. It seems a simple task, but of

women watches

Women’s watches: What you need to know

Although the naked eye may seem only an accessory, choosing the right watch can be an odyssey especially if the personal image is a priority in our lives. There are of all types, models and designs and are designed to help us complete our outfits