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Daily Archives: April 4, 2018

Imitation Jewelry

How to know if your gems are real or imitation

Do you want to know if your jewelry is real or imitation? We’re going to talk about detecting if your gems are real or imitation. Real gems usually have small defects, scratches, taps that have suffered over time, while imitation gems will have a perfect

men fashion

Male fashion: How to choose the perfect outfit

The universe of fashion every day becomes more demanding and mysteriously sneaks through the corridors of the buffet of lawyers, large business companies and, of course, the stock market. Scenarios in which laws, numbers and the value of the dollar are the main protagonists. To


Who dresses the stars in Hollywood?

From Julia Robert to Madonna via Scarlett Johansson, who decides which outfits the stars will wear on the red carpet? No, it’s not the celebrities themselves but stylists who know exactly which outfit will cause a sensation. Although we like to think that the Hollywood